Are you looking for the best fonts apps for Shopify that will help elevate the appearance of your Shopify store? Look no further. We have collected a list of shopify font apps that will help you choose the perfect font for your store. With these Shopify font apps, you can easily customize the font layouts and even create the perfect look for your store. These apps will provide you with the right tools to make your Shopify store look its best with the right fonts. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of fonts and styles. Whether you're looking for modern, classic, or something unique, these apps will help you find the perfect font for your store.

Fontify: Google & Custom Fonts

Change any Google fonts, Custom Fonts easily for your website




Fontify is an app designed for Shopify stores, that allows you to customize the font of your website with a variety of options. Fontify includes 1000+ fonts accessible through its Google Fonts library as well as allowing you to upload your own custom font files. This app is GDPR compliant and will work on virtually any Shopify theme or app, enabling you to customize the font for the entire site or a particular element. By providing support for multiple languages, you are able to use different fonts for each language.

Use Google Fonts, Custom Fonts

Easy way to add Any Fonts to your store without any coding.




Shopify merchants can deploy their own custom fonts with the “Use Google Fonts, Custom Fonts” app, empowering them to customize their website using any of Google’s web fonts and also upload their own font files and use them. The app works with all themes, so if you use a customized one, you can still get your fonts up and running with ease.Friends of the designer can rejoice - no more coding! The “Use Google Fonts, Custom Fonts” app brings an easy way to add Google Fonts to your theme without needing to write a single line of code. With the help of the app, Shopify merchants can instantly and easily switch out fonts for different headings, body text, and more.Best of all, the app is absolutely free to install. No recurring fees, no hidden charges. Enjoy the same Google Font library, custom font files, and great user experience free of charge.