Finding the best Coupon Generator for your Shopify store can be a daunting task. With so many apps available, it is hard to narrow down the selection. To help make sense of it all, this article features a carefully curated list of the best Coupon Generator apps for Shopify. Whether you’re new to ecommerce or a long-time store owner, this list of apps includes valuable features to help you save time and money while creating unique promotions. From advanced coupon code management and bulk discount applications to innovative price break bots and advanced auto-applies, you’re sure to find the perfect app to get your store up to speed. Get started today and find the perfect coupon generator for your Shopify store!

Bulk Discount Code Bot

Generate sets of unique discount codes and stop coupon abuse.




Bulk Discount Code Bot, a powerful app available on Shopify, allows you to efficiently generate and import large sets of unique discounted codes with just a few clicks. This app is specifically designed to help you avoid coupon abuse and customize your marketing plans. With Bulk Discount Code Bot, you can generate and import multiple discount codes quickly, export the codes either in CSV format or use it directly in different marketing channels. This app offers three pricing plans; Three Free, Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus.

G:Request a Quote + Hide Price

Request a Quote, Hide Price, Request Quotes, Make an Offer




G:Request a Quote + Hide Price is an incredibly useful app that helps businesses of all sizes offer a request-for-price feature to their customers. The app allows customers to submit quote requests for any product, allowing them to bargain for the best price. With G: Request a Quote + Hide Price, businesses can easily convert a quote to an order, upload files to request for the quote, customize the quote form with the provided form builder, hide the product price and add it to the cart, and have an RFQ button on the product page, collection page, and cart page. Moreover, businesses can use the provided REST API access to send the RFQ as a PDF file to the customer.

Request a Quote ‑ Hide Price

Let customer request for quote easily with button & hide price




Request A Quote - Hide Price is a Shopify app from Omega that helps merchants to close B2B deals faster by sending detailed quotes. It also allows customers’ to hide product prices and thus turns the store into an e-catalog website. With the Request A Quote - Hide Price app, merchants can make best of the team selling by assigning salespersons for each quote. Automated quote process and export quotes and invoices into PDF help in managing and tracking deals in much more comfortable manner. This app enables full control on customers’ account and also aids in getting valuable customer information.

Request a Quote & Hide Price

Request a Quote, Quick Quote, Call for Price, Make an Offer




Request a Quote & Hide Price is a powerful tool for Shopify store owners to interact with customers regarding product prices. This app gives store owners the ability to easily add the quote button/form to any product or collection page, converting quotes to draft orders automatically or with just one click. Store owners can also customize their auto-approved quotes based on pre-set discount percentages. Request a Quote & Hide Price also offers an Advanced plan which includes the Quick Quote feature.