Finding the best app for your Shopify store to add products to customers' carts has never been easier. With this guide, you can learn about the top add to cart apps for Shopify. From third-party integration tools to user-friendly cart tools, this guide reviews the best apps for your needs. It covers their features, pricing, and more. So you can make an informed decision of which app is best for your store. With the help of this guide and the right add to cart app, you'll have your customers filling their carts in no time!

Buy Me ‑ Buy Button

Boost sales with ADD TO CART & QUICK BUY Buttons!




Buy Me ‑ Buy Button is a Shopify app that helps businesses to increase their revenue, conversions and sales by displaying the Buy Me Button on top of any page. The app shows a Fixed Buy Button (ATC Button) on product pages and other pages when configured. This button helps customers to buy their desired items without searching for them. Moreover, it provides Quick Buy Buttons on every collection page and home page, which help customers to buy quickly. Finally, it also allows customers to check out faster with the Fixed Cart Button and gives customers the option to log in with any device with its Remember My Cart feature. This appproves to be a great opportunity for businesses to increase their sales and conversions and get better results.

Fast Checkout Upsell Bundle

Upsell Recommendation, Slide Cart, Sticky Add to Cart, Buy Now




The Fast Checkout Upsell Bundle app is a revolutionary sales and engagement platform that helps Shopify businesses boost their sales and average order value by making the checkout process faster, more convenient and more engaging. With the help of this app, Shopify owners can leverage the power of AI-powered upsells, quick buying buttons, sticky add-to-cart button, browser tab reminder, and much more. The app also provides real-time activity and lead capture, along with analytics and auto-integration. All of these features are designed to help Shopify store owners increase their sales and AOV while providing shoppers with an engaging, intuitive shopping experience.

Instant Buy ‑ Ajax Mobile Cart

Fast Checkout with Better Sticky Add To Cart Button.




The Instant Buy ‑ Ajax Mobile Cart app is designed to help store owners improve the shopping experience for their customers by making it easier and quicker to shop in their store. With the app, users can create a “Sticky Add To Cart” button that will redirect shoppers to relevant product and discount pages, or even back-in-stock announcements. They also have the possibility to add their Facebook Pixel ID and Pinterest Tag ID to the “Add To Cart” button to track and analyze shopper behavior. Moreover, the button is highly customizable, so it can be easily tailored to match the store’s main theme.

One Click Checkout &Sticky Bar

Fast Checkout: Buy Now & Skip to Checkout with One Click!




One Click Checkout &Sticky Bar is an app for Shopify store owners to streamline the checkout process and increase their customer's shopping experience. The app enables 'Add to Cart' and 'Buy Now' buttons to lead customers directly to checkout or to provide a cart summary pop-up. These customizable options make it easy to create a fast and convenient shopping experience that leads to increased conversions. Furthermore, Sticky Bars stay with customers as they scroll down the page, allowing them to purchase items without having to navigate away from the page. With options such as Amazon-like 1-click checkout, One Click Checkout & Sticky Bar is an ideal choice for Shopify store owners desiring an efficient checkout and shopping experience.


Boost sales with cart upsells, page speed optimizers, & more!




Sales Rocket is a comprehensive marketing app designed to help Shopify merchants grow their business. The app offers a range of features to help merchants boost their sales and increase customer loyalty, from conversion boosters to reduce cart abandonment to social media shoppable feeds and more. The app offers a 14-day free trial and is available for a range of monthly plans starting at $9.99.