Enhance customer interaction on Shopify with Facebook Live Chat. Real-time, secure communication to boost customer satisfaction and track conversations.

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Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat

Chat with your shoppers via Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Live Chat is a reliable and trustworthy app for Shopify stores. This app enables store owners to quickly add Facebook Live Chat to their website, allowing their customers to instantly contact them with their queries or concerns. This app has been designed to provide store owners with an easy-to-use, secure, and feature-rich platform for customers to communicate with them in real-time. This app also helps store owners by allowing them to keep track of their conversations and reconnect with customers at any time.


  • Support Your Customers via Messenger on your Website: Facebook Live Chat allows store owners to add Facebook Messenger to their website and support their customers by providing them an easy and fast way to reach the store.
  • One Billion Active Users: Facebook Messenger has over one billion active users, making it an ideal platform for store owners to make contact with their customers.
  • Chat History: Facebook Live Chat enables store owners to keep a record of the conversation between them and their customers by storing their conversation in their inbox. This feature makes it easy for store owners to go back and revisit the conversation for future reference.
  • Get Notified: Store owners can easily get notified via an SMS, email or push notification when a customer sends them a message. This helps them stay attentive to every query or concern that their customers have.
  • Customize the chat widget: Store owners can easily customize the chat widget design and display it according to their website's branding.
  • Automation: This app helps store owners save time by automatically responding to customers when they are not available to personally answer the chat.
  • Manage Multiple Pages: Facebook Live Chat allows store owners to manage multiple pages using a single admin panel. This makes it easy to keep track of every conversation and respond quickly.
  • Analytics: This app provides store owners with detailed analytics about their customer chats and conversations. This helps them understand their customer needs better and find ways to serve them better.
  • GDPR Compliant: Facebook Live Chat is compliant with GDPR to make sure that customers' data is protected and secure.
  • Language Support: This app supports multiple languages, allowing store owners to easily communicate with their customers from all over the world.


Facebook Live Chat is available with four pricing plans. The starter plan starts at $12.99/month and provides basic features. The Express plan starts at $29.99/month and includes additional features such as multi-page management and analytics. The Platinum plan starts at $79.99/month and includes customer management and language support. All plans come with a 30-day free trial period, making it easy for store owners to test the app before committing to a plan.