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Wholesale Pricing Now

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Wholesale pricing with order forms without a second store

Wholesale Pricing Now

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Wholesale Pricing Now is an all-in-one app solution that allows Shopify store owners to offer wholesale, volume, custom, and VIP pricing to their best customers without having to set up a separate store. With Wholesale Pricing Now, Shopify store owners can set wholesale prices for their customers on a per-variant basis, offer net orders and individual product pricing, and provide tiered pricing tables on product pages. All of this is done with no complicated setup and no need for developer resources.


  • Override Shipping & Tax Charge: Tax-exempt orders with no extra step.
  • Net 15/30 Terms: Specify customers that can place orders without checking out.
  • Order Form: Add multiple items in the cart on a single page & applies discounts.
  • Multiple Wholesale Discount Groups: Can be applied at checkout at the same time.
  • Tiered Pricing Tables: Embedded directly on product pages.
  • Upsell Offers: Wholesale shoppers will be presented with upsell opportunities.
  • Tax & Shipping Charge Override: orders can be exempt from tax and shipping without any further action.
  • Custom Label: Wholesale prices are marked by a custom label on product pages.
  • Custom Permissions: Can be set up to control who sees wholesale prices.
  • Secure Checkout: The checkout process is secured with SSL certificates.


Wholesale Pricing Now is available for free. There is a 14-day free trial available and additional charges may apply for some of the advanced features.


<ul id=""><li id="">Offers advanced features like easy setup and no complicated setup required.</li><li id="">Allows Shopify store owners to offer different pricing when dealing with wholesale customers.</li><li id="">Override shipping &amp; tax charges, net 15/30 terms, and add multiple items in the cart on a single page.</li><li id="">Offers to upsell offers for wholesale shoppers and provides tax &amp; shipping charge override. </li></ul>


<ul id=""><li id="">Additional charges may apply for some of the advanced features.</li><li id="">Requires Shopify store owners to set up custom permissions to control who sees wholesale prices. </li></ul>