Convert your retail store into a wholesaler platform in just one day. Auto-tagging, email marketing, and flexible settings for maximum efficiency.

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Wholesale Pricing Manager

Wholesale Pricing Manager

Wholesale Pricing and Wholesale Membership Groups Manager


Wholesale Pricing Manager is an all-in-one app developed by Shopify that transforms retail stores into wholesaler platforms with just one click. With this app, users can set up wholesaler pricing in just one day. It provides features such as auto-tagging, email marketing, unlimited wholesale statuses, and flexible settings. Users can create different membership groups with different discount rates and terms of transfer to purchase products at lower prices.


  • Create an unlimited number of wholesale user statuses: By utilizing Wholesale Pricing Manager’s auto-tagging feature, users can easily create an unlimited number of wholesale user statuses.
  • Provide wholesale discounts for selected products: With this app, users are able to provide their customers with wholesale discounts on selected products.
  • Set a wholesale discount rate: Customers are able to assign different custom rates for each dedicated wholesale group.
  • Set several price levels for the same product: With Wholesale Pricing Manager, users can set up a variety of price levels for the same product.
  • Create custom letters: Users are able to create custom letters to notify their wholesale customers of any new status assignment, as well as any changes to their terms of service.
  • Auto-Tag: The auto-Tag feature eliminates the need for manual entry and streamlines the user experience.
  • Email Marketing: Allows users to easily create and send emails to their customers to inform them about their new wholesale status.
  • Synchronize across platforms: The app can be synchronized with other platforms, such as Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, making it a great tool for managing wholesale customers.
  • Flexible Settings: Allows users to customize their settings, such as notification emails and wholesale discounts.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The app is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing customers to access their wholesale accounts and manage their orders on the go.


The Wholesale Pricing Manager app has a monthly fee of $19.95. There is also an 8-day free trial available.


  • The easy-to-use features ensure that setting up wholesaler pricing can be achieved in just one day.
  • Automated tagging eliminates the need for manual entry and makes managing customer accounts much easier.
  • Synchronization across platforms makes it a great tool for managing wholesale customers.


  • There is no LIVE chat support