Provide customization and discounts to wholesale customers. Manage pricing, discounts, and inventory effortlessly. Boost your B2B business today.

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Wholesale Personalized Pricing

Wholesale Personalized Pricing

Wholesale, Tiered pricing, discount on bulk purchase offers


Wholesale Personalized Pricing is a Shopify app that allows store owners to provide customization and discounts to their wholesale customers. With Wholesale Personalized Pricing, store owners can easily manage their wholesale customers, create custom pricing and discounts, and keep track of their inventory. It also makes it easy to offer exclusive discounts and promotions to wholesale customers, as well as providing automated pricing rules and the ability to provide quotes for bulk orders. Wholesale Personalized Pricing is an excellent solution for store owners looking to expand their business by offering personalized pricing to their wholesale customers.


  • Set Different Prices for Specific Customers: Give special discounts and prices to your customers dependent on their ordering habits.
  • Create Tiered Pricing Discounts: Offer different discounts and prices depending on how much they order.
  • Offer Flat Rate Custom Product Prices: Customize the discounts you offer products dependent on customers’ ordering habits.
  • Give Discounts to Both Customers and Visitors: Offer discounts to both customers and non-logged-in visitors.
  • No Limit for Adding Customer Price Pairs: There is no limit to the number of customers you can offer special discounts.
  • Unlimited Discounts for Bulk Orders: Create unlimited discounted prices for bulk orders.
  • Set Separate Discount Prices for Specific Customers: Create separate special discount prices for individual customers.
  • Offer Multiple Discount Types: Choose from flat rate, tiered, and quantity-based discounts to create personalized offers for your customers.
  • Automatically Calculate Discounts: Automatically calculate discounts on product orders ensuring no losses in sales.
  • Track Ordered Products and Prices: Keep track of ordered products and corresponding prices without any manual data entry.


The Wholesale Personalized Pricing App is available for $9.99/month. This includes a 3-day free trial. There is also an annual subscription option for $93.99/year.


  • Offers discounts and custom pricing for customers, both old and new.
  • Easy to set up and customize discounts.
  • Automates discounts ensuring no losses in sales.
  • No limit for adding customer price pairs allowing you to offer discounts to multiple customers.


  • No support for bulk EDI orders.