Streamline wholesale pricing, assign different prices to products, and manage customer tiers with ease. No stock duplication.

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Wholesale Genius

Wholesale Genius

Selling wholesale has never been this easy!


Wholesale Genius is an app that was created with the purpose of streamlining the wholesale process for Shopify users. With this app, users can be in control of whom they offer wholesale pricing to and make the necessary changes with ease. It allows them to assign different prices to products and variants, choose wholesalers, and show different prices to different customer tiers. Users also don't have to worry about stock management, as Wholesale Genius doesn't duplicate variants.


  • Set Discounted Prices for Products & Variants: Easily adjust product and variant prices to offer discounts specifically for customers in each tier.
  • Choose Wholesalers: Carefully decide who should be considered wholesalers and be granted access to the respective discounted prices.
  • Show Different Prices: The app displays different prices on the storefront and checkout page, to the appropriate tiers.
  • Easy Stock Management: Variants don't get duplicated, so stock will be tracked with ease.
  • Restricted Access: Set new accounts in a certain tier or disable certain tiers completely.
  • Range Discount: Save time and quickly apply discounts to a range of variants.
  • Advanced Logging: Keep track of any changes made, with advanced logging for every product assigned.
  • Email Notifications: Notify customers when they move to a new tier, or when their products change.
  • Track Price History: Easily access a visual representation of all prices and product changes over time.
  • Customer Support: Users can reach out to the team at any time when they need help.


Wholesale Genius is available for $4.99/month. It also offers a 15-day free trial. Note that there are additional charges that may apply, depending on the number of products or variants in your store.


  • Easy setup process
  • Great flexibility for pricing
  • Easy stock management
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Customer support


  • Additional charges may apply
  • May require time to learn the whole setup process