Add shoppable videos to your Shopify store, track performance, and enhance engagement and conversions. Integrates with TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Videowise Shoppable Video UGC

Videowise Shoppable Video UGC

Interactive & shoppable video. Built for scale & site speed.


Videowise Shoppable Video UGC app lets merchants add rich interactive shoppable videos to their Shopify store and track their performance in realtime to understand the effectiveness of their videos and see how well they are converting. It's a powerful tool for boosting engagement and conversion rates on Shopify stores and can be used to really supercharge any online store selling products.With Videowise Shoppable Video UGC, merchants can quickly and easily add fully customizable video widgets and interactive video player to their store. The app includes features such as at-scale video content management, publishing both on-site and off-site, advanced video commerce analytics and video A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t. The app is also integrated with TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube so merchants can easily start monetizing their videos.


  • Fully Customizable Video Widgets: Customize how your videos appear on your store with fully customizable video widgets. Fully control when and where your video will appear on your site.
  • Interactive Video Player: Shoppers can interact with your video player to ask questions, share their thoughts and more, engaging with the video without having to leave the page.
  • At-Scale Video Management & Publishing: Manage and publish both on-site and off-site videos quickly and easily, with no need for complicated coding.
  • Advanced Video Commerce Analytics: Track the performance of your videos in realtime and see how well they are converting with advanced video commerce analytics.
  • Video A/B Testing: Optimize the performance of your videos by running A/B testing experiments with the help of advanced analytics.
  • Monetize TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Videos: Easily monetize your TikTok, Instagram and YouTube videos with Videowise Shoppable Video UGC.
  • Secure & Scalable Platform: Videowise is a secure and scalable platform that will handle any amount of traffic and is compliant with all legal requirements.
  • Engagement Increase: Increase engagement on your site up to four times with shoppable video experiences.
  • Page Speed Improvement: Videowise is designed to have zero impact on your page speed, making it an ideal choice for speed and performance conscious merchants.


Videowise Shoppable Video UGC is available from $99/month. The Scale plan is at $249/month and the Pro plan comes at $449/month. All the plans come with a 14-day free trial.