Boost sales and conversions with affiliate marketing. Create custom forms, track orders, and motivate affiliates. 14-day free trial available.

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UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, Affiliate Program, Ambassador, Influencer


If you're looking for a top recommended affiliate marketing solution for your Shopify store, UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is the perfect choice. This app provides an easy-to-use platform to build, recruit, and manage affiliates with powerful functions like building growth loops and creating custom forms, links, and codes. The app allows you to expand your affiliate network through its Marketplace, as well as track orders via referral links and coupon codes. UpPromote also offers a variety of commission opportunities and has options to motivate affiliates with bonuses, gifts, and store credit. With its convenient and flexible pricing and 14-day free trial, UpPromote is an all-in-one affiliate system that can help you increase your sales, reach, and conversions.


  • Create Unique Affiliate Programs: UpPromote allows you to set up unique affiliate programs with tailored commission options for a variety of business sizes.
  • Expand Your Affiliate Network: With its Marketplace feature, UpPromote makes it easier and faster to recruit, manage, and expand your affiliate network.
  • Track Referral Orders: Seamlessly track your referral orders through affiliate links and coupon codes from UpPromote's dashboard.
  • Customization Options: Customize everything in line with your brand and business, from forms, links and codes to your affiliate portal.
  • Motivate Affiliates: Reward your affiliates with bonuses, gifts, and store credit to keep them motivated and productive.
  • Advanced Reporting Tool: The app provides a powerful analytics and reporting system to get insights on all aspects of your affiliate program.
  • Automatic Reminders: Automatic reminders are sent to affiliates who have expired promo or coupon codes.
  • 365/24 Support: UpPromote ensures that its responsive support team will help you with all your needs.
  • Colloborate with Influencers: Easily collaborate with influencers or brand ambassadors to maximize your reach.
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM): MLM capability allows you to create tiered commissions for your most loyal and successful affiliates.


UpPromote offers a free plan, as well as three subscription levels to accommodate the needs of any business: Growth Affiliate ($21.99/month), Professional ($69.99/month) and Enterprise ($139.99/month) plans. The app also includes a 14-day free trial for all users. Be aware that additional charges may apply for a few features like the Marketplace or custom design work.