Control customer experience with real-time updates and tracking. Support for 1,200+ couriers.

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Trackeroo Order Tracking

Trackeroo Order Tracking

Tracking Page, Order Tracker, Order Lookup, Track Order Status


Trackeroo is an order tracking app that can help Shopify stores take control of their customer experience. The powerful tool provides customers with real-time updates and customizable tracking pages for a personal, on-brand experience. It supports more than 1,200 couriers, so customers can stay informed throughout their order journey. Keeping customers informed in this manner can help Shopify stores drive additional sales and reduce support tickets. Trackeroo offers a free plan as well as three subscription packages ranging from $9.99 a month to $119.99 a month. The higher tiers offer features such as estimated delivery dates and personalized product recommendations.


  • Real-Time Shipping Updates: Trackeroo allows customers to track orders in real-time using over 1,200 couriers.
  • Customizable Tracking Pages: Your tracking page can be personalized to match the look and feel of the rest of your site.
  • Custom Translations: The app lets customers track their orders from any language.
  • Estimate Delivery Date: This feature estimates the time customers will receive their orders, driving customer satisfaction and reducing customer questions.
  • Automatic Courier Updates: The Trackeroo automatically updates the courier information, reducing support time for Shopify stores.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Product Recommendations: Drive additional sales by recommending other products to customers.
  • Product Filtering and Sorting: Customers can easily search for products thanks to filtering and sorting options.
  • Tracking Map: Customers can view their order’s current location on a map.
  • Order Status Widget: Customers can see the estimated delivery date and order status in a convenient widget.
  • Order Management: Easily manage customer orders right from the Trackeroo dashboard.


Trackeroo offers a free plan and three subscription tiers, ranging from $9.99 a month to $119.99 a month. The higher tiers offer additional features, such as estimated delivery dates and product recommendations. There is also a seven-day free trial available. Additional fees may apply.