Seamlessly transition between sale types with PreOrder & Restock. Create pre-sales, backorders, and restock notifications.

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Pre‑Order & Restock | Timesact

Pre‑Order & Restock | Timesact

10:1 App for Preorder, Pre-sale, Back in Stock, In-Stock +6


Pre‑Order & Restock | Timesact is an 8:1 Shopify App, designed to help businesses of all sizes seamlessly transition from one type of sale to another. This app simplifies and makes it easy to create and manage pre-sales, backorders, coming-soon product drops, pre-order emails and restock notifications. With no code added to theme files and excellent 24/7 support, this app is a must-have. The app offers several pricing options, giving companies the flexibility to choose the one that suits their needs the best. All plans come with a 30-minute set-up call with a specialist and discounts offered to boost demand. There is also a free plan available, making it easy to test out and get started with the app.


  • Set Up Call: With every plan, you get a free 30-minute set up a call with a Timesact specialist to help get you started.
  • Discounts: You can set discounts to boost demand.
  • Pre-Order Emails & Restock Alerts: Capture emails and send notifications for back-in-stock and restock alerts.
  • Coming Soon & Product Drops: Build hype with coming soon and product drops, then transition to a pre-sale.
  • Automated Pre-Orders & Restocks: With this feature, you can turn pre-orders and restocks on and off based on stock levels.
  • Product Workflows: Simplify and automate workflow processes from collection to product tag to shipping.
  • Pre-Sale Pages: Create customized pre-sale pages for your customers.
  • Inventory Tracking: Track pre-orders and restocks in real time.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provide access to advanced analytics and insights to help you adjust and improve your strategy.
  • 24/7 Support: Get assistance whenever you need it with the 24/7 customer support team.


Pre‑Order & Restock | Timesact offers a variety of plans to suit all different types of needs. The free plan is available and there are three additional packages to choose from TIMESACT 10P ($6.65/month), TIMESACT 500B ($6.65/month), TIMESACT 10S ($6.65/month). Each plan comes equipped with a 30-minute setup ca all with a specialist and discounts to help you boost demand. Overall, this Shopify App is an innovative solution to help business owners with their pre-order, backorder, and restock needs. It is the perfect option for companies of all sizes looking for a tool that simplifies the process and makes it easier to transition from one type of sale to another. With the free plan, customers can try out the app and the additional plans ensure that there are plenty of features to optimize their workflow processes.