Efficiently manage bulk discount codes on Shopify with MyBulk. Create loyalty programs and attract customers through affiliates with up to 250,000 discount codes.

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MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator

MyBulk ‑ Bulk Discount Creator

Create up to 250,000 discount codes in one go. Export to CSV


MyBulk – Bulk Discount Creator is an app designed specifically for Shopify stores. It is created with the purpose of helping store administrators manage their bulk discount codes and make them attractive and customized. It also offers features to help with running loyalty programs, as well as gaining new customers by partnering with affiliates and partners. The app helps store admins easily create up to 250,000 discount codes in one go and can export them to CSV files for external use.


  • Customize Promo Codes: With MyBulk – Bulk Discount Creator, store admins can easily customize their promo codes and make them more appealing and unique to their customers.
  • Run Loyalty Programs: The app also offers features to help store admins run loyalty programs for their most loyal customers. It allows store admins to give their customers unique discount codes which they can use to avail discounts.
  • Gain New Customers: MyBulk – Bulk Discount Creator enables store admins to generate thousands of discounts for their partners and affiliates. This helps in increased visibility and attracts new customers.
  • Export to CSV File: The app also allows store admins to export the codes to CSV files for external use. This can be done easily with just a few clicks.
  • Simple Setup: The app features a simple setup process that takes only a few clicks.
  • Multi-Currency Support: MyBulk – Bulk Discount Creator is compatible with all types of currencies, including those from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Union.
  • Support for Coupon Templates: The app also has support for coupon templates, so store admins can choose the look and feel of their discounts codes.
  • Variations & Scheduling: The app also allows store admins to create variations and schedule their discounts codes for particular timeslots.
  • Code Usage Tracking & Reporting: The app also allows store admins to track and report on the usage of their codes, so that they know which discounts are popular and which are not.


MyBulk – Bulk Discount Creator is free to install and use with basic features. However, additional charges may apply for extra features. The set price is $1 for up to 10,000 codes, $3 for up to 100k, and $5 for up to 250k. The app offers a free trial with no restrictions or catches.