Simplify customer quoting with Shopify's Request a Quote app. Create draft orders effortlessly.

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Request a Quote

Request a Quote

Let customers make wishlist of products and request quote


Shopify's Request a Quote app is an easy to use quoting tool that makes it simple for customers to make wish lists and request custom quotes from merchants. This app helps merchants and customers to engage in easy, user-friendly communication and it allows merchants to create draft orders effortlessly. The app also allows merchants to add or change the fields of the quote form to meet their needs, and it gives them the ability to easily view the quote list with quote IDs, customer names, dates, emails and comments or details. Furthermore, merchants are also given the ability to search the request quote by date, email, and type.


  • Allow Customers to Submit a Wish List or Quote List - Customers can quickly and easily submit a wish list or quote list with the Request a Quote app. This simplifies the process for customers who are interested in making custom quotes for products or services.
  • Merchant can Check Requests and Send Quotations with Draft Order to Customers - Merchants can view the customer's wishes and respond with quotations that include a draft order. This makes it even easier for merchants to manage customer requests and quotations.
  • Merchant can Add or Change the Fields of the Quote Form - Request a Quote gives merchants the ability to customize their quote forms to meet their needs. They can add new fields or change existing fields, ensuring that customer requests are easy to track and manage.
  • Send Email to Merchant for Each Quote Request - Request a Quote also sends an email to the merchant for each customer request. This email includes the customer's name, email address and any details they provided regarding their request.
  • Optimal Medium of Communication Between Buyer and Seller - Request a Quote helps to ensure that customer requests and merchant quotations are easily managed and exchanged. This makes the communication process smooth and efficient.
  • Easy to View the Quote List - Merchants can easily view the quote list with quote IDs, customer names, emails, and comments or details.
  • Easy to Search the Request Quote by Date, Email, and Type - Merchants can also quickly and easily search the request quote by date, email, and type. This makes it easier to locate specific customer requests.
  • Create Draft Orders Easily - Request a Quote makes it simple to create draft orders. This ensures that merchants can easily manage customer orders and quotations.
  • Send Notifications to Customers - Request a Quote also allows merchants to send notifications and updates to customers about their quotes and orders.
  • 10 Day Free Trial - The Request a Quote app also comes with a 10-day free trial. This gives merchants an opportunity to test out the app before committing to a subscription.


The Request a Quote app is available for a monthly subscription fee of $14.99. This includes access to all features, including allowing customers to submit quotes, allowing merchants to add or change the fields of the quote form, sending email notifications for each quote request, and more. There is also a 10-day free trial available for users to test out the app before buying.