Optimize logistics and shipping with Skydropx. Sync orders, access competitive rates, and manage deliveries.

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Skydropx: shipping labels

Skydropx: shipping labels

Logistics platform with national and international shipments


Skydropx is an innovative shipping labels and logistics solution app for Shopify stores. It provides comprehensive features and a comprehensive suite of tools to help streamline and optimize your logistics process. With Skydropx, you can sync orders and requests from your store, send local carriers and national and international shipments, access the best market rates, and manage pickup and delivery of goods from one place in just a few clicks.Skydropx also helps optimize the delivery process by allowing users to choose the best option based on price, speed, or delivery time. The app is currently available for Shopify and is free to install. Additional charges may apply depending on the services used.


  • Synchronize Orders and Requests: It can synchronize your store’s orders and requests, allowing you to easily manage them from one place.
  • Local Carrier and Courier Capabilities : Allows you to send orders and requests through local carriers and couriers, as well as national, international and LTL shipments.
  • Receive Best Market Rates: Provides users with access to the best market rates available, helping them to make informed decisions when it comes to their orders.
  • Manage Deliveries and Pickups: Enables users to manage deliveries and pickups from the same place, making it easier and more efficient.
  • Generate Multi Guides and Invoices: Users can generate multi guides and invoices with ease, streamlining the payment and billing process.
  • Automate Notifications: Automates notifications for deliveries and pickups, allowing customers to receive up-to-date information about their orders.
  • Automatically Aggregate Data: The app automatically aggregates data from orders to provide insights into shipping trends and performance.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Skydropx supports multiple payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, and credit cards.
  • Track Shipments: The app’s tracking feature allows you to easily track orders and shipments for full visibility.
  • e-Documents and Reports: The app also generates e-documents and reports, giving you detailed insights into shipping performance.


The app is free to install however the shipping cost is something that the user needs to take care of.