Boost sales with free gifts and advanced Gift With Purchase offers using the Sales Motivator app.

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Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts

Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts

Offer free gifts for products, or based on cart total value


The Sales Motivator – Free Gifts app for Shopify allows users to boost their store’s sales by offering free gifts and creating advanced Gift With Purchase (GWP) offers. With this upsell tool, customers can be motivated to spend more in store by offering free gifts based on customer’s cart total value, from selected collections or from selected vendors. The Sales Motivator – Free Gifts app allows users to turn On/Off the ability to add a free gift for customers after they reach a certain threshold, customize the design of offers to complement their storefront and theme, and create offers for selected products. The App is easy to use and fast setup to get anyone started on their journey to saving customer’s money and creating a more successful business.


  • Offer gifts for selected products: Offers gifts for purchasers of selected products.
  • Offer gifts based on customer's cart total value: Encourages customers to spend more by offering gifts based on the customer’s cart total value.
  • Offer gifts for all products from selected collections: Select collections to offer free gifts with purchases.
  • Offer gifts for selected vendor: Offers free gifts with purchases from a certain vendor.
  • Set advanced conditions: set conditions such as “spend X for products A,B,C and get free gift(s)”
  • Turn On/Off to add free gift for customer automatically: Automatically add free gifts for customers who reach a certain threshold.
  • Customize design: Customize offers to match store appearance and theme.
  • Multiple Gifts offers: Set multiple gifts offers for customers to choose from.
  • Shopify Discount Codes: Use the App with shopify discount codes to further encourage customers.


The Sales Motivator – Free Gifts app for Shopify has two tiers of plans, the basic plan for $14.99/month and the Pro Version plan for $29.99/month, both of which come with a 10-day free trial. The basic plan includes all the necessary features to get customers up and running with savings and generating more sales, while the Pro Version offers more advanced features and greater flexibility.