Create and manage invoices easily within your Shopify dashboard using Simple Invoice. Get paid in seconds.

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Simple Invoice ‑ Order Printer

Simple Invoice ‑ Order Printer

Sending invoices has never been easier.


Simple Invoice is a modern, minimalistic invoicing application specifically designed and optimized for Shopify stores. The app offers a wide range of features and options that make it easy to create, manage and send invoices while completely staying within the Shopify dashboard. With Simple Invoice, store owners are able to create compliant invoices for their country, have multiple currencies and languages supported, and send invoices to get paid in seconds. The app also includes automatic and manual invoicing, and the ability to upload documents to the cloud for safe storage. Simple Invoice is free to install and offers a 14-day free trial for additional features or services.


  • Create Compliant Invoices for Your Country: Simple Invoice allows you to easily create compliant invoices for your country and accept payments from both customers and businesses.
  • Automatic and Manual Invoicing: With Simple Invoice, you are able to either create invoices manually or generate them automatically based on your store’s sales.
  • Multiple Currencies and Languages Supported: The app supports multiple currencies and languages, allowing you to easily take payments in any currency and language.
  • Send Invoices to Get Paid in Seconds: Simple Invoice also enables you to quickly and easily send invoices right from the app and get paid in seconds.
  • Upload Your Documents to the Cloud: Finally, you can securely upload all your invoices, orders, and other documents to the cloud for safe storage.
  • Customize Invoices and Clients: The app also allows you to customize your invoices and client profiles as per your specific business needs.
  • Tax and Shipping Information: Simple Invoice also displays applicable tax and shipping information for each order or invoice to ensure everything is accurate.
  • Custom Payment Links: The app enables you to generate customized payment links for each invoice, making it easy to take payments from customers.
  • Contract Management: Finally, Simple Invoice also offers a full contract management feature that allows you to manage all your contracts in one place.
  • Seamless Integration with Shopify: The app’s integration with Shopify is also completely seamless, making it easy to quickly set up and start using Simple Invoice.


Simple Invoice is free to install. There is also a 14-day free trial available for additional features or services. It also offers a PRO and PREMIUM plan that bumps up the features and pricing, starting at $8.99/month for the PRO plan and $12.99/month for the PREMIUM.