Make shopping a breeze on Shopify with Equate – Product Compare. A no-code solution for customers to easily compare products and make informed decisions.

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Equate ‑ Product Compare

Equate ‑ Product Compare

Compare product enables customer to make better decision.


In order to help shoppers make the best decision, shop owners need to equip their stores with helpful features to simplify the buying process. Equate – Product Compare is an app developed specifically to allow store owners to give customers the ability to compare similar products from their store, making the shopping experience easier and more streamlined. With no coding required for installation, automated setup, and lightning-fast loading, Equate – Product Compare provides a great range of features that will help customers make decisions and purchase the best product from available items.


  • No Code Required: Installing Equate: Product Compare requires absolutely no code, making it easy and hassle-free to use.
  • Automated Setup: Setting up the app requires no time at all; it’s quick, easy and automated.
  • Lighting Faster: With Equate – Product Compare, customers don’t have to wait for comparisons to load, as this app promises lightning-fast loading.
  • Color / UI Customization: Store owners can customize the look and feel of their product comparison page, giving it a unique and branded feel.
  • Advanced Settings: To ensure the best outcomes, Equate – Product Compare offers a range of advanced settings to help customers compare products and make the best decision.
  • Supports Metafields and Custom Fields: Store owners can add meta fields or custom fields to their product comparison page to provide more detailed product information.
  • Reorder Compare Fields for Compare Page: With the drag and drop feature, owners can rearrange and reorder the compare table to let customers clearly observe the product comparison.
  • Numeric Compare Analytics: Analyse customers’ behavior with product comparison metrics, such as field/attribute percentage, value saturation, customer product preferences, etc.
  • Variant Comparison: Generate a variant comparison table that allows customers to compare each variant of the product side-by-side.
  • Hide Similarities / Highlight Differences: With these features, store owners can quickly identify the differences between similar products, helping customers to make informed decisions.


Equate – Product Compare is free to install, with 14-day free trial available. The standard plan starts at $8.99/month. For specific features like language translation and product filter, there are plans that offer additional features and benefits. Business owners can also reach out to Equad to inquire about additional plans and pricing structure.