Enhance your cash on delivery orders with COD Fees & Order Verification. Verify orders via SMS OTP or links, charge extra fees, and offer discounts for prepaid orders (Indian customers). Save on shipping costs and time.

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COD Order Confirmation

COD Order Confirmation

For India | Verify COD Orders by IVR Call, SMS or OTP


The COD Order Confirmation app is designed to help Shopify store owners reduce unwanted and fake COD orders. It provides store owners with automated IVR calls to customers to verify COD and prepaid orders. If the customer confirms or cancels the order, a tag is added to the Shopify order, making it easy to filter orders. The app also includes phone number verification for Cash on Delivery and prepaid orders, as well as different tags for pending, confirmed, or cancelled orders. It is ready to use and requires no coding skills.


  • Automated IVR Calls: The app allows users to make automated IVR calls to customers to verify COD and prepaid orders. These calls ensure that all orders are legitimate, reducing the number of fake orders, and ultimately improving store revenue.
  • OTP & SMS Verification: The app also allows customers to verify their orders using OTP and SMS systems. This two-step authentication system ensures secure and reliable order confirmations.
  • Phone Number Verification: The app includes an automated phone number verification process for Cash on Delivery and prepaid orders. This ensures that customers place orders using their own, valid phone numbers.
  • Tags for Pending/Confirmed/Cancelled Orders: The app adds different tags to Shopify orders depending on the status of the order. This makes it easy for store owners to identify pending, confirmed, and cancelled orders.
  • Ready to use: The app is ready to use and requires no coding knowledge or technical experience. Store owners can quickly install the app and begin using it right away.
  • Customizable Settings: The app provides customizable settings, allowing store owners to tailor their COD order verification process to their individual needs and preferences.
  • Multi-Shop Compatibility: The app is compatible with multiple Shopify stores. This allows store owners with multiple stores to manage all their stores from a single dashboard.
  • Multi-Tier Status Tracking: The app provides multi-tier status tracking, giving store owners an overview of the status of their orders. This helps store owners stay up to date on the status of their orders.
  • Robust Security: The app is equipped with robust security measures, ensuring the safety of customer data. All customer data is securely stored and encrypted, protecting it from outside threats.
  • Data Analytics: The app offers comprehensive data analytics, allowing store owners to measure the performance of their store, track customer behaviour, and adjust their store processes accordingly.


The COD Order Confirmation app is free to install. Additional charges may apply for automated IVR calls, SMS, and OTP ($0.03 USD per call, $0.0064 USD per SMS, and $0.02 USD per OTP). These charges can be tracked on a monthly basis, with payment plans available.