Boost in-store traffic with Bold Store Locator Map. Provide real-time directions, geolocation, and advanced mapping to guide customers to your retail locations. Speed tested for reliable performance.

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Bold Store Locator Map

Bold Store Locator Map

Interactive store locator map with realtime driving directions


Bold Store Locator Map is a powerful and easy-to-use retail app designed specifically for Shopify stores. It provides users with advanced mapping, geolocation, and real-time directions, allowing them to guide customers to stores and other locations where their products are sold. With Bold Store Locator Map, Shopify stores can ensure they’ll be able to withstand any traffic spikes while mapping an unlimited number of stores or product locations.The app also offers an easy-to-use workflow that customers can access directly from their store's admin. Plus, the app is speed tested, meaning it can withstand any traffic spikes with a low impact to the store's performance.


  • Geolocation: Bold Store Locator Map provides customers with advanced mapping, geolocation, and real-time directions.
  • Store & Product Locations: Stores can map an unlimited number of stores or product locations.
  • Differentiation Between Types of Locations: Customers can differentiate between different types of locations, introduce search filters, and add extra fields.
  • Seamless Workflow: With this app, customers can access a seamless workflow directly from their store’s admin.
  • Speed-Tested: Bold Store Locator Map is speed-tested, meaning it can withstand any traffic spikes and have a low impact on the store’s performance.
  • Easy-to-use Admin: A simple and easy-to-use admin interface makes it easy to manage and configure stores, products, and locations.
  • Display Options: Display store locations on a map, in a grid view, or both.
  • Search Options: Customers can add search filters, search by product type and location, and more.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Track store visits with analytics and reporting.
  • Robust Support: Access reliable and timely customer support for any issues.


Bold Store Locator Map offers a free plan for those who have one store and then plans with fees for those who have up to 2000 stores. The pricing tiers are as follows:1. Free Plan: For those with one store.2. $9.99/month: For those with 1-50 stores.3. $19.99/month: For those with 51-500 stores.4. $39.99/month: For those with 501-2000 stores.5. $49.99/month: For those with 2001+ stores.