ShippingEasy simplifies shipping and order management for Shopify. Get the best USPS and UPS rates, plus marketing tools for growth.

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Automate shipping and save with the best shipping rates


ShippingEasy is the easiest and most straightforward way to ship online, featuring the best USPS and UPS rates in the industry. Unlike other shipping apps, ShippingEasy is not simply just a Shopify shipping app - it also provides solutions to order management, shipping, rate management and more, as well as integrated customer marketing and branding tools to boost business growth, making it the perfect app for Shopify users. Furthermore, ShippingEasy also offers award-winning support in the form phone, chat, and email and a free plan too.


  • Industry-Leading Shipping Rates: ShippingEasy provides some of the best USPS and UPS rates in the industry, helping sellers optimize their profits and stay competitive.
  • Multichannel Shipping: Sellers can easily manage all their selling channels in one place.
  • Automation and Presets: ShippingEasy offers powerful automation and presets to streamline shipping, tracking and returns.
  • Customer Marketing and Branding: The app provides useful customer marketing and branding tools to help sellers grow their business.
  • ShippingEasy Support: ShippingEasy’s award-winning team provides helpful support, whatever way you need it, with live phone, chat, and email options.
  • Real-Time Tracking: The app provides tracking so sellers can watch their orders in real time.
  • Easy Returns: The app makes it easy to set up and manage return policies.
  • Bulk Label Printing: ShippingEasy enables users to quickly and easily print bulk labels.
  • Fraud Protection: The app’s built-in fraud protection helps protect sellers from fraudulent orders.
  • Shipping Rules:The integrated shipping rules feature allows sellers to create rules for shipping items


ShippingEasy offers a complimentary plan (STARTER) and four paid versions (GROWTH, BASIC, PLUS, and PREMIUM). Furthermore, it offers a 30-day free trial for all paid versions. The pricing for the paid versions is as follows: GROWTH for $19.99/month, BASIC for $29.99/month, PLUS for $49.99/month, and PREMIUM for $99.99/month.