Maximize profits with ShineOn's print-on-demand app for highly customized and profitable items. Access training and support.

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ShineOn: Print On Demand

ShineOn: Print On Demand

HIGH-Margin Print On Demand & Dropshipping, Ships from US & EU


ShineOn is a print on demand app for Shopify users looking to maximize their profits. With ShineOn, users don't have to settle for low-margin tshirts and mugs as seen in many stores. Instead, they can create highly customized and profitable items such as personalized jewelry, watches and more.The app boasts huge margins, rapid shipping from the USA and EU and custom products to help merchants stand out from the competition. Additionally, customers are able to access world-class training and support that covers all aspects of sales, in addition to how to use the app itself.ShineOn is free to install, making it an ideal option for any Shopify user looking to gain an edge over the competition.


  • Higher Margins: With ShineOn, merchants don't have to settle for low-margin products - they can create and sell high-margin items such as personalized jewelry. This allows users to maximize their profits in a short amount of time.
  • Rapid Shipping: ShineOn guarantees rapid shipping from the USA and EU, so customers won't have to wait long before receiving their orders. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and allows merchants to build trust.
  • World-Class Training: In addition to providing access to their app, ShineOn also offers world-class training so users can sharpen up their sales and marketing skills. This training covers everything from how to set up their store to creating post-purchase funnels.
  • Customized Products: ShineOn allows merchants to create completely customized products that stands out from the competition. They can choose from a variety of stylish and high-quality items to meet their customers' needs.
  • Huge Product Range: ShineOn provides users with access to a massive range of personalized items such as necklaces, bangles, watches and keychains. They can offer these product as add-ons, upsells or in post-purchase funnels to maximize order value.
  • Fulfillment Options: When it comes to fulfillment, ShineOn offers both US and EU fulfillment options so customers can receive their orders quickly. They also manage all the manufacturing, packaging and shipping for customers.
  • Profit Potential: ShineOn’s premium print on demand products offer merchants unlimited profit potential. As they can create and sell items with high margins, they can easily reap the rewards of their hard work.
  • Wide Acceptance: ShineOn’s print on demand products are widely accepted and in demand. This means merchants can quickly build up loyal customer base and increase their reach.


ShineOn is free to install. After that, users are charged base costs for the personalized goods they fulfill on their behalf. Depending on specific product and Order, additional charges may apply.