Call For Price - Hide Price: Boost sales with hidden prices. Encourage inquiries and negotiations. Customizable form, themes, and admin replies. Try it now.

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Call For Price ‑ Hide Price

Call For Price ‑ Hide Price

Get Custom Quotes by Call for Price, Hide Price & Add to Cart


Call For Price - Hide Price app for Shopify is an amazing tool that enables users to hide the prices of their B2B and B2C products, encouraging bargain and increasing sales. The app is suitable for companies that don't have fixed prices and need customers to contact them to get more information. Utilize this app to replace pricing with a call for price button that directs customers to a form to receive more information. With this app you can also add custom labels to your form, select themes, and have admin replies. Google ReCAPTCHA is also supported to avoid any issues with spam bots.


  • Call to Action (CTA) Button: Calls for businesses to call or contact to initiate transactions.
  • Hide Product Prices: Allows you to hide the prices of B2B and B2C products.
  • Custom Reply System: Gives you the ability to customize replies from the backend.
  • Custom Labels and Themes: Adds custom labels and the ability to select themes.
  • Google ReCAPTCHA: Allows for the integration of Google ReCAPTCHA to avoid spam bots.
  • Multi Language Support: Enables businesses to operate in, and manage multiple languages.
  • Product Review Support: Gives customers the ability to rate and review products.
  • Cross-browser Support: Allows customers to access the platform from any device with any browser.
  • Secure Checkout: Ensures a safe and secure checkout for customers.


Call For Price - Hide Price app for Shopify is available from $9.99/month.