Simplify shipping with our Shopify app. Create and print shipping labels effortlessly. Keep customers informed with branded tracking emails and ensure smooth returns.

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Easy shipping automation to help your business grow.


Sendcloud is an easy shipping automation app for Shopify that helps businesses save time and money with streamlined shipping processes. The app brings together the order processing and shipping processes for Shopify stores, making it easy to create and print shipping labels in a matter of clicks. Sendcloud also makes keeping track of shipping data, such as delivery and returns, much easier with a centralised hub. With Sendcloud, businesses have access to branded tracking emails and SMS that keeps customers up to date on their orders. Additionally, customers can have a smooth returns experience with a branded returns portal. Sending out returns with Sendcloud is just as easy as shipping products out.


  • Create and Print Shipping Labels: Sendcloud makes it quick and easy to print out shipping labels with just a few clicks. Labels are customised to your business and include important shipping details, such as the carrier and tracking number.
  • Track Orders with Branded Emails and SMS: Send branded emails and SMS messages to your customers to keep them updated on their orders. The messages include your businesses logo, name, and information about the order status.
  • Returns Portal: Sendcloud’s returns portal is designed to make their customers’ experience smooth and hassle-free. Businesses can accept returns directly from customers, track them, and refund customers for their returns quickly and easily.
  • Ship with Sendcloud’s Rates or Your Own Contract: Sendcloud makes it easy to ship with their rates, or you can use your own contract. The system is designed to work with whichever choice a business makes.
  • Connect to Multiple Stores: Sendcloud allows businesses to connect to multiple stores via API. This makes it possible to add extra stores and benefit on the same features.
  • Automate Your Shipping Processes: Sendcloud automates shipping processes, enabling businesses to save time and money. This includes features such as generating labels, tracking shipments, and more.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Sendcloud provides businesses with valuable insights into their shipping processes with reporting and analytics. This makes it possible to track data such as cost, delivery time, and shipping trends.
  • Print Different Letter Types: Sendcloud businesses have the option to print out different letter types, such as invoices, packing slips, and return labels, with custom designs.
  • Multi-Language Support: Sendcloud offers multi-language support. This includes language support tailored to carrier requirements.


Sendcloud offers a free plan and a 14-day free trial. The pricing plans are as follows: Lite is $25/month, and Growth is $75/month. Premium plan costs $149/month.