Simplify e-commerce returns with Return Prime. Easy return portal, order tracking, and 3PL integrations.

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Return Prime: Order Return app

Return Prime: Order Return app

#1 app for order return option,refunds,automated return labels


The Return Prime: Order Return app is an intuitive platform designed to help e-commerce merchants simplify their return process, regardless of their size or growth ambition. One of the best-rated apps of its kind, the Return Prime app has over 2 million+ satisfied customers and has been successful in over 97 countries. It features an easy-to-navigate, customer-friendly return portal that makes it easy for your customers to make return requests and replacements, as well as track their orders. In addition, its integration options allow you to connect multiple 3PL partners, mobile apps, and other apps with ease.


  • Automated Returns Management: With Return Prime, merchants can automate their entire returns management process and easily offer refunds, exchanges, and store credits.
  • Easy Navigation: The customer-friendly return portal provides easy-to-use navigation, making it easy for your customers to make their requests without any hassle.
  • Mobile Apps Integration: Along with 3PL partner integration, you can also connect your mobile apps to the Return Prime app in order to streamline the return process.
  • Multi-platform Support: The Return Prime app works across all major shopify plans, allowing merchants to keep up with the return trends.
  • Verified by 1M+ Customers: The app is trusted by over 1 million customers, giving them access to the highest quality in return management.
  • Return Label Automation: Return Prime allows you to send an automated return label with complex digital signatures to ease the return process for customers.
  • Offer Store Return: Merchants can offer store returns to ensure customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.
  • Exchange any Product: With Return Prime, merchants can offer their customers the ability to exchange any product with ease.
  • Return Policy Management: You can easily set your own return policy to ensure consistency and transparency across the process.
  • Support and Updates: The Return Prime app offers 24/7 customer support and free product updates to keep up with the latest trends in return management.


The Return Prime app offers a free plan, allowing merchants to get started with their return management right away. The paid plans are also reasonably priced, starting at $19.99/month to $99.99/month. The plans offer increasing features, integrating with more 3PL partners, mobile apps, and other follo,w-up services. The Return Prime app also offers enterprise-level plans for businesses in need of a more sophisticated return management system.