Efficiently manage and analyze Shopify data with Report Pundit. Custom reports, exports, and more.

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Report Pundit

Report Pundit

Build custom or premade reports and integrate with many apps


Report Pundit is the premier reporting app for Shopify merchants looking for a convenient and efficient way to manage and analyze their data. The app provides merchants with pre-made reports, as well as custom report features, a live chat for assistance, the ability to create cohort tables, charts and dashboards, and the ability to export reports in Excel, CSV, and PDF. The Report Pundit app provides merchants with a great way to access, analyze and utilized Shopify data. Through the app, merchants can gain access to pre-made reports and create custom reports featuring calculated fields. Additionally, there is the ability to trim data results and export reports to external applications. Furthermore, Report Pundit is multi-store friendly and provides merchants with a unified reporting system.


  • Pre-made Reports: With Report Pundit, merchants can easily fetch sales, products, taxes, inventory and more using pre-made reports.
  • Custom Reports: Report Designer allows merchants to create customized, calculated fields using their own logic.
  • Filter, Sort and Send: Trim data results and send via email, FTP, GSheets, and GDrive.
  • Integrations: Integrate with different apps for marketing, finance, and fulfillment.
  • Multi-Store Friendly: Unified reports for merchants with multiple stores in multiple regions and languages.
  • Cohort Tables and Charts: Create visuals for your data using cohort tables and charts for easy analysis and understanding.
  • Dashboards: Configure custom dashboards for easy tracking of your store’s performance.
  • Exportable Data: Export your report in various file formats, including Excel, CSV and PDF.
  • Software Upgradability: Stay up-to-date with regularly updated software features and fixes.
  • 24/7 Support: Live chat and email support for customers with questions about Report Pundit.


Report Pundit offers both free and paid plans. The free plan offers basic access and the paid plans offer additional features and flexibility. The BASIC SHOPIFY plan costs $9/month, the SHOPIFY plan costs $19/month, and the ADVANCED plan costs $35/month. All plans offer a 14-day free trial.