Elevate customer engagement and ROI with QuickCEP's bot, chat, and email solutions. Try the free plan or 14-day trial.

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QuickCEP ‑ Bot, Chat & Email

QuickCEP ‑ Bot, Chat & Email

Grow your business with Chatbots & Marketing Automation


QuickCEP provides Shopify merchants with a comprehensive suite of the bot, chat, and email solutions that facilitate customer engagement, marketing automation, and data insights. With QuickCEP, merchants can quickly and easily improve their customer service, increase customer unit price and retention, and boost GTV and ROI.The free plan provides users with a full range of features and a 14-day free trial. For deeper insights, the Basic and Pro plans grant access to additional features, including marketing automation and customer insight.


  • Chat and Bot: QuickCEP’s Chat and Bot solutions provide a full range of social media interaction capabilities, including rich preset interactive scene templates and simplified customer engagement.
  • Marketing Automation: QuickCEP gives merchants the tools to automate their marketing outreach and create personalized marketing experiences for each customer.
  • Consumer Insight: QuickCEP helps merchants uncover customer insights, including early warning of customer churn, and diffusion of similar groups.
  • EDM: QuickCEP’s Email Distributor System helps merchants deliver email campaigns to customers in real-time.
  • SMS: QuickCEP’s SMS distribution system helps merchants send bulk text messages to customers.
  • SOP: QuickCEP’s Smart Operational Planning system guides marketers in creating long-term marketing strategies.
  • CDP: QuickCEP’s data pool allows merchants to access unified customer profiles through the CDP.
  • Automated Analytics: QuickCEP’s automated analytics provides merchants with detailed insights about customer behavior.
  • Advanced segmentation: QuickCEP allows merchants to segment customers based on various criteria, such as age, location, or activities.
  • Integration: QuickCEP integrates with a variety of third-party services and applications, making it easy to customize and extend its feature set.


QuickCEP offers a free plan that gives users access to core features and a 14-day free trial. For deeper insights, the Basic and Pro plans grant access to additional features and marketing automation capabilities. The Basic plan is priced at $148/month. Both plans include expert support and help merchants boost GTV and ROI.