Increase Average Order Value (AOV) and grow your business with qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell. Create one-click upsells and access insights to drive data-driven decisions.

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qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell

qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell

Pre, Post Purchase Upsell & Cross Sell, Cart Upsell


qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell is the perfect tool for merchants to increase their Average Order Value (AOV) and grow their online business. The app offers a suite of powerful features and analytics to help merchants create and deliver upsell, cross sell offers to customers at the perfect time. With the app, merchants can create one-click upsells and in-cart upsells, as well as create thank you page upsells and cross-sells.In addition to upselling and cross-selling, the app’s insights and analytics help merchants understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions about how to maximize sales. qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell offers a free version of the app with no additional fees or contracts. Merchants can install the app easily and start creating upsell, cross sell offers in minutes.


  • One-click Pre Purchase Upsell Offers: qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell enables merchants to quickly create convincing upsell offers that appear when customers add items to their cart. Merchants can customize the upsell offers and tailor them for specific customers and products.
  • Cross Sell Offers: The app also offers merchants the ability to give customers additional recommendations when they’re viewing their cart. These cross sells are designed to encourage customers to add more items to their purchase.
  • In-Cart Upsell Funnel: This feature of the app allows merchants to create multiple upsell pages within the checkout process. This allows merchants to present customers with additional upsell opportunities.
  • Post Purchase Upsell on Thank You Page: Merchants can offer customers additional recommendations after they’ve completed their purchase. This can be used as a way to encourage customers to buy more items or services.
  • Upsell Easily with Free Gift and Service Cards: With this feature, merchants can offer customers additional products and services simply by offering them a gift card or service card.
  • Customizable Templates: The app offers a variety of customizable templates that merchants can use to create their upsells and crosssells quickly and easily. These templates ensure that the offers look professional and enticing to customers.
  • Insights and Analytics: The app provides merchants with a comprehensive set of insights and analytics. This allows merchants to track customers’ behavior and understand what strategies are effective at maximizing sales.


qikify Upsell Popup Cross Sell offers a free version of the app. There are no additional fees or contracts associated with the free version of the app.