Offer affordable payment plans to customers. Increase order value, provide more choices, and improve cash flow with Put It On Lay-Buy.

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Your online Layaway gateway solution


Put It On Lay-Buy is an app that enables Shopify merchants to offer their customers an affordable payment plan solution to pay off their orders. By integrating Put It On Lay-Buy into their checkout process, businesses are able to increase their order value, create more choices for their customers, and ultimately increase their overall sales. The app is straightforward to use and has no restrictions on the order value amount. It also helps improve cash flow by providing merchants with all payments paid directly to them. Overall, Put It On Lay-Buy is an excellent payment plan solution for Shopify merchants and is currently available for free. So whether you want to provide customers with additional payment options or increase order value, Put It On Lay-Buy can be a useful tool.


  • Increases Order Value: By offering customers the ability to pay off their orders in installments, merchants are able to boost their order value with Put It On Lay-Buy.
  • More Payment Options: As Put It On Lay-Buy has no maximum limit on the amount being checked out, customers can easily split their payments over an extended period of time.
  • Increased Sales: By providing customers with more payment options, businesses can expect an increase in sales with Put It On Lay-Buy.
  • Easy to Set Up: The app is easy and straightforward to set up and use.
  • Improve Cash Flow: Payments with Put It On Lay-Buy are paid directly to merchants, which can help rapidly improve their cash flow.
  • No Fees: Merchants can provide their customers with an affordable payment plan solution with Put It On Lay-Buy, as there are no additional fees.
  • Flexible Terms: With Put It On Lay-Buy, customers can select the repayment duration that meets their needs best.
  • Customer Support: Put It On Lay-Buy provides merchants with reliable customer support to ensure their customers experience a smooth checkout.
  • Automated Payment Processing: Put It On Lay-Buy deploys automated payment processing to ensure timely and effective payments.
  • Secure System: Put It On Lay-Buy also offers merchants a secure system for conducting business transactions.


Put It On Lay-Buy is currently available for free and no additional fees are charged or set-up costs are incurred. So merchants can make use of this app to provide customers with a variety of payment options without having to pay any additional fees.