Streamline Shopify order tracking with 60-Second solution! Offer instant tracking numbers and timely status updates for a superior customer experience.

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Order Tracking ‑ pkge

Order Tracking ‑ pkge

Track All Your Packages in One Place


Order Tracking ‑ Pkge is an app designed to provide merchants with a high-quality, customized order tracking service that is accessible to their customers. By using this app, merchants can easily generate branded tracking pages and provide customers with automated emails and text messages that keep them informed of the status of their order. Additionally, merchants will be able to access tracking data that provides insights into the movement of their packages, and customers can keep up with their package movements via the mobile app. Order Tracking ‑ Pkge is available for free, with additional charges for more advanced features.


  • Automated Email and SMS Notifications: Merchants can easily set up automated emails and SMS messages that will keep customers informed of the status of their order.
  • Branded Tracking Pages: Merchants will be able to generate custom-designed tracking pages that feature the branding from their store. This provides customers with a context post-purchase experience that boosts sales.
  • Insights Tracking Data: The app provides merchants with insightful tracking data about their packages and order movement.
  • Mobile App: Customers can follow their package movements via the mobile app.
  • 800 Logistics Companies: The app integrates with over 800 logistics companies both global and local.
  • Connections on Request: The app offers solutions upon customer requests.
  • Analytical Dashboard: The app comes with an analytical dashboard that provides merchants with insights into their store performance.
  • Orders Automatically Added: The app automatically adds orders to the mobile app.


The Order Tracking- Pkge app is available for free to install, however merchants may need to pay additional charges for premium features. The additional charges are broken down into four plans; START (free), STANDARD ($9.99/month), OPTIMA ($79/month), and PREMIUM ($349/month).