Keep customers informed with real-time order tracking. Enhance the shopping experience and reduce waiting times with Parcel Panel Order Tracking.

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Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Track Order Status, Track Your Order, Tracker, Order Lookup


There’s nothing worse than when customers order items using your Shopify store and feel like their important purchases have been forgotten. To ensure your customers feel appreciated and don’t experience a frustrating waiting time, Parcel Panel Order Tracking App is the answer. Track all orders in real-time with this smart dashboard and an abundance of custom elements, perfect for dropshipping.


  • Get insightful tracking data with a smart dashboard: Track all orders in one go with the tracking dashboard, giving you a clear overview of your shipping process. With this smart analytics, you can take action to optimize your shipping system, ensuring that orders are delivered on time.
  • Engage your customers with seamlessly shipping notifications: Keep customers informed about their orders with automated shipping notifications. Customers won’t need to ask the dreaded ‘Where is my order?’ By keeping customers in the loop, you can ensure a better customer experience and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Generate a branded tracking page with abundant custom elements: Create an entire branded tracking page with custom elements with the Parcel Panel Order Tracking App. Customize the design, add logos and other visuals, and make sure that customers are kept informed throughout all stages of their purchase.
  • Perfect for dropshipping: Whether you’re drophsipping or regular shipping, Parcel Panel Order Tracking App is the app for you.
  • Better, Smart upsell system, powerful analytics, and 24/7 customer support: To ensure the best customer service possible and a smooth post-purchase journey, the Parcel Panel Order Tracking App also comes with a smart upsell system, powerful analytics, and 24/7 customer support for additional help if you get stuck.


Parcel Panel Order Tracking App has a free plan for customers who want to try things out, then an additional 7-day free trial for customers to fully experience the features of the app. The pricing plans available are ESSENTIAL (at $9/month), PROFESSIONAL ($49/month) and ENTERPRISE (at $399/month). Depending on the size of your business and the extent you want to use the app, you can determine which plan is best suited for you.