Reduce customer service workload. Enable customers to track orders effortlessly with Parcelous Order Tracking.

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Parcelous Order Tracking

Parcelous Order Tracking

Track orders at embedded page with 200+ carriers supported


Parcelous Order Tracking is a Shopify app designed to help store owners reduce their customer service workload by enabling their customers to track their orders without manually inputting tracking numbers. The app allows for carrier autodetection, so no manual selection is required, plus the app is able to fetch a range of tracking info, including any additional or transit numbers. Users can track orders either by their order or tracking number along with their email address or phone number. Parcelous Order Tracking is the easiest and most efficient way to empower customers to track their orders.


  • Carrier Autodetection: No manual input of tracking numbers is required.
  • Multiple Carrier Tracking: Parcelous Order Tracking can fetch tracking information from multiple carriers.
  • Additional/Transit Tracking Numbers Automatically Added: Parcelous Order Tracking searches for additional or transit tracking numbers and automatically adds them.
  • Ability to Track Orders by Either Tracking or Order Number: Customers can track their orders by their order or tracking number plus either their email address or phone number.
  • User Interface: The user interface is designed for optimal usability.
  • Robust Support: Parcelous Order Tracking offers a range of support options to make sure that customers can get the assistance they need.
  • Security: All data is securely encrypted to ensure maximum customer privacy.
  • Automatic Updates: New features are regularly added, making sure that customers have the latest version of the app.


Parcelous Order Tracking offers a free plan for store owners looking for basic features as well as a range of additional plans available for those who need additional support and features. The plans range from $9/month - $19/month. The app is easy to set up and use, and help is provided along the way.