Efficiently manage Shopify order fulfillment with OrderlyPrint, enabling batch printing and seamless tracking info synchronization.

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OrderlyPrint: Pick & Invoice

OrderlyPrint: Pick & Invoice

Pick lists, packing slips, invoices & fulfillment in bulk


OrderlyPrint: Pick & Invoice is a revolutionary app for Shopify stores that helps to organize and streamline the fulfillment and conversation of orders. It offers customers a range of features that help with printing up to 500 packing slips, invoices, and pick lists at once. This powerful app also helps with order fulfillment, sync tracking info to Shopify, and deliver PDF invoices to your customers.OrderlyPrint helps you to stay organized and fast when shipping hundreds of orders, reducing warehouse picking and packing errors and costly mistakes. It is designed with a one-time setup to automatically email PDF invoices and receipts to the customer. In addition, it offers customizable settings and document templates, built specifically for Shopify.


  • Filter, Select, Tag, and Print Orders: This powerful feature helps customers to quickly filter, select, tag, and print orders. It is capable of up to 500 orders per printing.
  • Print Picking Lists and Invoices: Customers can utilize OrderlyPrint to quickly print packing slips, invoices, address labels, and returns forms.
  • Automatic Emailing of PDF Invoices and Receipts: OrderlyPrint has a one-time setup to automatically email PDF invoices and receipts to the customer.
  • Fulfillment of Orders in Bulk: Orders can be fulfilled in bulk with OrderlyPrint, with tracking information synced quickly to Shopify.
  • Customizable Settings and Document Templates: The app includes customizable settings and document templates, specifically built for Shopify.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The developers offer 24/7 friendly support to help with setup and any questions customers may have.
  • Bulk Print Settings: This feature helps customers quickly make bulk print settings, such as choosing the paper size, orientation, and margin settings.
  • Automated Syncing of Order Tracking Information: OrderlyPrint automatically syncs order tracking information to Shopify, ensuring accurate delivery of products to customers.
  • Low-Cost Printing: Printing with OrderlyPrint is inexpensive, with the ability to print for as low as $0.03 per print.
  • Easy Setup with No Plugins Required: This app is easy to set up, and no plugins need to be installed.


OrderlyPrint offers three pricing models for customers – Standard, Premium, and Platinum. With the Standard plan, customers are charged $29 monthly. With the Premium plan, they are charged $49 monthly, while the Platinum plan is set at $99 monthly. All plans include a 15-day free trial.