Enhance your Shopify store with Order Tracking Page, providing customers with a custom tracking experience and up-to-date order information.

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Order Tracking Page

Order Tracking Page

Order Lookup & Status Page, Custom Order Status & ETA


Order Tracking Page is a Shopify app that allows store owners to create a custom order tracking page for their customers to follow their orders from the moment they’re placed until delivery. With Order Tracking Page, store owners can customize order statuses and share order information with their customers, ensuring they know when their orders will arrive. Additionally, store owners can add shipping messages and estimated arrival dates to their “Add to Cart” button, reducing customer inquiries and guesswork on their part.


  • Save support time reducing the most common support request “Where’s my order?”: Order Tracking Page helps store owners minimize customer support requests as customers are able to easily track their orders without having to contact customer service.
  • Setup processing times & estimated arrival dates for each shipping profile: Store owners can set specific processing times and estimated arrival dates for each shipping profile, ensuring customers receive accurate information about when items are expected to arrive.
  • Add custom order statuses to your order timeline: Store owners can create their own custom order statuses to ensure customers always know their order’s status.
  • Display shipping messages & ETA information under your “Add to Cart” button: Store owners can add a message informing customers of their estimated arrival date, as well as any other shipping information, directly onto their “Add to Cart” button, taking the guesswork out of waiting for items to arrive.
  • Avoid sharing clients’ sensitive information with “third-party” apps: Order Tracking Page allows store owners to keep customers’ sensitive order information secure and away from third-party apps.
  • Ability to customize tracking page: Order Tracking Page allows store owners to customize their tracking page with their own logo and design, making it look like a true extension of their store.
  • Easy order tracking with order number & email: Customers can easily access their order information using just their order number and email, which eliminates the need to contact customer service.
  • Schedule shipping and delivery messages: Order Tracking Page enables store owners to schedule shipping and delivery messages to remind customers of their order status, which helps build trusting relationships.
  • Multiple shipping & payment options: Order Tracking Page offers a number of shipping and payment options, making it easy for customers to get their items.
  • SMS & email notifications: Order Tracking Page allows store owners to notify customers via SMS and email of their shipment status and order progress, allowing for quick and efficient communication.


Order Tracking Page offers a free plan, along with a 30-day free trial for those wanting to test out the features. The app is available for a monthly rate of $5.99 for the starter package, $14.99 for the growth package, and $39.99 for their pro package.