Expand globally with Multi Country Pricing for Shopify. Set country-specific prices, convert to local currencies, and boost profits across different markets.

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Multi Country Pricing

Multi Country Pricing

Different price for different countries in multiple currencies


The Multi Country Pricing app is an extremely valuable tool to globally expand a business to cater to different markets. This app helps online store owners to set up country-specific pricing for their products, allowing them to maximize their profits and reach new heights of success.With this powerful tool, owners have full control over their pricing, allowing them to set a variety of prices for different countries, convert prices into local currencies, and more. This gives store owners an opportunity to increase their profits with very low effort, increasing their reach and ROI.


  • Set Prices for Different Countries: This app gives store owners the power to set their pricing per country, making it easy to optimize profits and cater to different markets.
  • Automatic Currency Conversion: Multi Country Pricing app automatically handles conversions between different currencies, ensuring customers always see the right prices in the right currency.
  • Excel-Style Dashboard: Store owners can easily manage their product prices in an intuitive dashboard, giving them full control over prices in different countries.
  • Upload Price Lists with CSV: Store owners can import their price lists with a simple CSV file, allowing them to quickly and easily manage prices in different countries.
  • Include Shipping Costs & Taxes: This app includes support for shipping costs, taxes, and other adjustments, making it easy to accurately manage prices in multiple countries.
  • Enable Rounding Rules: Store owners can round prices to match their brand’s style, making it easier for customers to understand their prices.
  • Customized Price Rules: This app allows store owners to easily create custom pricing rules, giving them ultimate control over prices in multiple countries.
  • Show Clean Prices to Customers: Multi Country Pricing makes it easy for store owners to show the correct prices to their customers, ensuring accurate billing.
  • Easily Configurable Prices: Store owners can easily configure prices for different countries, allowing for rapid adjustments and changes.
  • Multiple Language Support: With this app, store owners can support multiple languages, making it easier to reach a diverse range of customers.


The Multi-Country Pricing app is available for an affordable monthly price of $29/month. It also includes a 15-day free trial period, giving store owners time to set up their prices and get comfortable with the app before committing. For the affordable $29/month price tag, store owners get full access to the powerful features of this app and enjoy the benefits of increased profits as a result. With its comprehensive features, Multi Country Pricing is well worth the price, giving store owners an opportunity to exponentially increase their ROI.