Streamline your Shopify store with Auto Tags. Automate tagging, segment customers, and discover products effortlessly.

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Auto Tags ‑ All in one tagging

Auto Tags ‑ All in one tagging

Automate order, product & customer tagging using custom rules


Auto Tags is an all-in-one Shopify app that helps you automatically tag products, customers & orders using custom rules of your choosing. This app eliminates the need for manual tagging and streamlines your order management, creating segments for marketing campaigns and categorizing products for enhanced product discovery. With the auto-tagging app, you can create unlimited custom workflows, use custom matching rules and combine them with operators like AND & OR, run your workflows to tag existing orders, customers, or products, and even use 100+ pre-built workflows to get you started in no time.


  • Create Unlimited Workflows: Create custom workflows based on your unique business needs.
  • Custom Matching Rules: Use custom matching rules with operators like AND & OR to tag entries
  • Automatically Tag Products, Orders, & Customers: Tag products, orders, and customers in one app.
  • Run Workflows to Tag Existing Entries: Run your workflows to tag existing orders, customers, or products in your store.
  • Pre-Built Workflows: Take advantage of 100+ pre-built workflows to get started quickly.
  • Real-Time Tagging: Automatically tag entries that match your conditions in real-time.
  • Advanced Filtering Conditions: Set up your workflows with advanced filtering conditions.
  • Dynamic Tagging: Automatically tag entries based on external data sources.
  • Bulk Tagging: Tag multiple products, orders, and customers within a single step.
  • Multiple App Integrations: Support for third-party app integrations for better automation.


Auto Tags offers a free plan with a 14-day free trial to help you get familiar with the app. Additionally, there are three premium plans with different features and pricing - the Basic Plan for $8/month, the Professional Plan for $15/month and the Business Plan for $30/month. All of these plans also come with a 14-day free trial, so you can try out the app and see if it meets your needs before committing. Further, there are additional charges that may apply depending on your plan and the features you choose to use.