Collect product reviews, import from AliExpress, and optimize for SEO. Premium widgets and Q&A for higher conversions.

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Video Product Reviews App

Video Product Reviews App

Build trust & drive sales with Video & Photo reviews and Q&A


The Video Product Reviews App is a powerful Shopify app for collecting product reviews from customers. Reviews help to build trust and make more sales. The app allows you to collect reviews from customers after purchase, import them directly from AliExpress or from another app. The app also includes automated SEO optimization so you can get found in Google searches, great looking premium widgets which increases conversion rates and Q&A with reviews to increase basket value. The Video Product Reviews App is perfect for increasing sales and engaging customers.


  • Collect Product Reviews Automatically or Import From AliExpress: With the Video Product Reviews App, you can collect product reviews from customers after purchase or import directly from AliExpress. This helps build trust faster, drive more traffic and make more sales.
  • Automated SEO Optimization: Automated SEO optimization means you can get found in Google searches. This will increase the visibility of your products and boost sales.
  • Great Looking Premium Widgets: The app comes with great looking premium widgets for your store. These widgets are fully customizable and work on all devices. They can help to increase conversions and overall sales.
  • Q&A with Reviews: The app includes an integrated Q&A system, so customers can ask questions about products before purchasing. This can help increase basket value and make more sales.
  • Engage Customers: Customers can interact with your store and build loyalty with the Video Product Reviews App. Engage with customers to build a strong relationship and get more repeat sales.
  • Protect Your Brand: You have full control over the reviews that are published on your store. This helps protect your brand and make sure you only publish reviews you approve of.
  • Additional Applications: The Video Product Reviews App has additional applications available such as AliExpress reviews import and data migration.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The Video Product Reviews App provides comprehensive reporting, so you can keep track of reviews, store performance and customer engagement.


The Video Product Reviews App is free to install and includes a 14-day free trial. For additional features and access to more applications, additional charges may apply. The available plans are: Launchpad (50), Ignition (150), Booster (500), Orbit (1,250). The pricing for each plan is as follows: Launchpad (50): Free to install, Ignition (150): $12.50/month, Booster (500): $25/month, Orbit (1,250): $50/month.