Enhance product bundling on Shopify with GraphPath. Utilize AI algorithms for personalized bundle creation to increase sales and product awareness.

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Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

Graphpath ‑ AI Product Bundles

Sell more to customers - Product bundles and recommendations


GraphPath is an AI-based product bundling application developed for Shopify stores. Store owners can benefit from the app's powerful algorithms that can analyze customer profiles and purchase history and create personalized bundles, which can increase the perceived value of products and drive sales. Additionally, GraphPath can also help increase product awareness and reduce excess inventory. With GraphPath, businesses can provide customers with the best offers at checkout and drive more sales.


  • Algorithm based Bundle Recommendations: GraphPath’s intelligent algorithms generate product bundles based on the store’s data and customer profiles. These customizable curated sets of products are perfect for increasing the value of products and driving sales.
  • Upselling at Checkout: GraphPath can also be used for upselling at checkout, boosting sales for store owners. Customers can be provided with the best possible offer at the checkout page, encouraging them to purchase more products.
  • Customizable Bundles: Store owners can also manually customize their own bundles according to the needs of their customers. This flexibility allows users to offer unique products to their customers and further increase the perceived value of their products.
  • Remarketing: GraphPath’s remarketing feature allows store owners to re-engage their customers and remind them of their bundle purchases, making sure that customers are getting the best deals.
  • Segments in GraphPath: GraphPath allows store owners to segment their customers according to their purchase history and customer profiles. Store owners can create segments and target them with personalized offers, enabling them to get the most out of their marketing campaigns.
  • Bundle Builder: With the bundle builders feature of GraphPath, store owners can create bundles and customize the bundle’s look, according to their requirements. This feature enables store owners to create bundles with high perceived value, which will drive more sales.
  • Cross-Sell: GraphPath also makes it easier for store owners to cross-sell products to their customers. By cross-selling products, store owners can increase their sales, as well as provide their customers with a more efficient checkout experience.
  • Product Suggestions: GraphPath also provides product suggestions to store owners. This feature allows store to owners to keep track of their stock levels, as well as get insights on customer’s buying habits. With product suggestions, store owners can easily identify which products their customers want and stock them accordingly.
  • Store Insights: The app also provides store insights, which allow store owners to gain an understanding of customer behavior. With store insights, they can make better decisions on how to improve their store’s performance.
  • Automated Discounts: Store owners can also leverage GraphPath to provide automated discounts to their customers. This allows store owners to optimize their marketing campaigns, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


GraphPath has a free plan and a 180-day free trial for their Professional plan. The Professional plan is priced at $6.99/month. This plan gives store owners access to all the features of GraphPath at an affordable cost.