Boost conversions on Shopify with Gobot. AI-driven chatbot and quiz app for personalized product recommendations and automated customer service.

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Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quiz

Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quiz

Convert more & automate support with an AI chatbot & shop quiz


Gobot is a powerful AI-driven chatbot and quiz app for Shopify that helps merchants to increase conversions and reduce customer support burden. The app can guide shoppers to the right products for them with AI-guided shopping quizzes and automate customer service with AI-powered chatbots. It leverages a robust product recommendation logic and collects opted-in data that can be passed directly into Klaviyo. Gobot is free to install, but additional charges may apply.


  • AI-Guided Shopping Quizzes: Guide shoppers to the right products for them with AI-guided Shopping Quizzes.
  • Robust Product Recommendation Logic: Leverage an advanced product recommendation logic that goes beyond basic quizzes.
  • Collect Opt-ins: Collect opted-in data to use for customer profiling.
  • Fully Customizable Design: Fully customize the design of your quizzes and chatbots with custom CSS.
  • Support Automation Chatbots: Automate customer service with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Advanced Quiz Creator: Create interactive quizzes with various features and conditions.
  • Language Support: Multi-lingual support for English, Spanish, French and German.
  • Integrated Updates: Receive post-quiz automated updates such as a thank you message or product recommendations.
  • Analytical Insights: Gain insights into user behaviour and customer needs with in-depth analytics.


Gobot is free to install, with no setup or maintenance fees. Besides the free plan, there are two paid plans for performance improvement and customer service automation. The basic plan offers 5,000 interactions per month and the enterprise plan provides unlimited interactions. In addition, Gobot provides full service chatbot and quiz setup and management Add-ons and the pricing details can be found out by contacting their staff.