Create custom products effortlessly with Fuel: Print on Demand for Shopify. Access industry-low prices and tools for scaling your business.

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Fuel: Print on Demand

Fuel: Print on Demand

Lowest Prices. Finest Quality. Super-Fast Turnaround.


Fuel: Print on Demand for Shopify is an ideal platform for those who are looking to easily and reliably create custom print on demand products for their business. With Fuel, customers get access to the industry's lowest prices and tools to help them scale their business. With easy-to-use features like the product builder and CSV Order Import, customers can quickly design and sell products while also having the ability to fulfil orders from multiple platforms.


  • Intuitive product builder: Fuel has an easy-to-use product builder which allows customers to quickly design, create and customise their own products. With the easy-to-use product builder, customers can easily manage their own product designs and also manage their inventory.
  • Product templates: Fuel also allows customers to save the product details and variants they have created and use them again in the future. This allows customers to save time when designing and creating their products.
  • CSV Order Import: Fuel also offers the ability to fulfil orders from multiple platforms with the CSV Order Import feature. With this feature, customers can easily manage and track orders and their inventory.
  • Real-time tracking: Fuel provides customers with real-time tracking of their orders so they can easily monitor the progress of their orders.
  • Automated Print Fulfillment: Fuel also offers automated print fulfillment which allows customers to easily and quickly fulfill their orders.
  • Bulk Price Discounts: Fuel offers customers bulk price discounts for orders of a certain quantity or size. This allows customers to save money by buying in bulk.
  • Shipping Tools: Customers also get access to shipping tools which allow them to manage shipping and tracking of their orders.
  • Proven Tools: Fuel offers proven tools which have been tested and used by customers around the world. This ensures that customers are receiving the support they need to succeed.


Fuel: Print on Demand for Shopify is available at intro prices of $5.50 per tshirt including the print for 30 days or 50 orders. Post that you will receive discounted prices to continue further.