Deliver digital products effortlessly with FetchApp for Shopify. Securely manage music, videos, documents, and more with flexible download restrictions.

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The easy way to sell digital downloads.


FetchApp is a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use app for Shopify store owners who want to deliver digital products. This app is designed to be simple, yet powerful and can be used to deliver and manage digital products, whether it's photos, music, videos and documents. With FetchApp, store owners can quickly, securely and easily deliver and manage digital files.FetchApp seamlessly integrates with your store to automate delivery of your digital products. It is flexible to your needs and supports multiple files to a single product, along with the ability to associate a single file with several products. Plus, you can restrict downloads by time, quantity or both. It also helps automate order management, receive orders through multiple carts and gateways, and manually expire, reopen or resend orders. FetchApp also has no commission fees. Instead, their low monthly fees are based only on your storage needs. Plus, free and self-hosted plans are also available.


  • Automated Digital Delivery: FetchApp automatically sends files directly to customers when your digital products sell.
  • Update Buyers: With FetchApp's Update Buyers feature, you can easily send updated releases to previous buyers.
  • Restrict Downloads: FetchApp lets you restrict downloads by time, quantity, or both, giving you peace of mind that buyers can't access your content without paying.
  • Upload Licenses: You can easily upload license keys to be delivered along with your digital downloads.
  • Multiple Carts & Gateways: Receive orders through multiple carts and gateways and manage in one place.There is no commission fees with FetchApp and the low monthly fees are based only on your storage needs.
  • Managed Order Expiration & Reopening: Manually expire, reopen and resend orders at any time.
  • Bulk Discounts: Offer discounts on bulk orders to your customers.
  • Client Dashboard: Customers now have access to a client dashboard to access their purchase history of all products from any vendor that is using FetchApp.
  • Multiple File Types: FetchApp supports all popular file types, including images, video, audio, text documents and more.
  • Built-In Security: FetchApp takes security seriously and ensures all data is stored in a secure environment.


FetchApp offers free, low-cost and self-hosted plans. The free plan is offered to store owners who are just getting started and want to test out the app. The $5/month plan allows store owners to store up to 50MB of digital products. The $10/month plan allows store owners to store up to 2GB of digital products. The $20/month plan offers store owners 5GB of storage.