Boost your Shopify store's average order value with innovative product bundles, custom builders, and advanced features. Showcase bundles, mix and match, offer discounts, and more. Free and premium plans available.

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Fast Bundle | Product Bundles

Fast Bundle | Product Bundles

Combo product, Bundle builder, Mix & Match, Buy X Get Y


Fast Bundle | Product Bundles is an innovative app for Shopify store owners who want to take their average order value (AOV) to the next level. It enables store owners to create different types of product bundles with options to showcase them in special ways, resulting in higher customer conversions and an increased average order value. With this app, store owners can create bundle products, mix and match products, add frequently bought together products, offer volume discounts, and make combos and kits. Store owners can also create a custom bundle builder which allows their customers to easily pick and choose items from their collections and create their own bundle to suit their needs. The app also provides a landing page where all bundles can be showcased, as well as several advanced features such as multilingual support, multicurrency support, bundle detection, and discount combinations. Fast Bundle | Product Bundles is available for a free plan, as well as three premium plans, Basic, Pro and Premium. The premium plans include varying prices, with the Basic plan starting at $14.99/month, Pro plan at $44.99/month, and Premium plan at $119.99/month.


  • Bundle Products: Create bundle products with options to customize and display them.
  • Mix and Match: Offer customers the ability to mix and match different products and create custom bundles.
  • Frequently Bought Together: Suggest products that are commonly bought together.
  • Volume Discounts: Offer customers discounts when they purchase a large quantity of certain products.
  • Buy X Get Y: Customers can also get a free product when they purchase a certain number of other products.
  • Combo Products: Create a bundle product of multiple items as a product.
  • Bundle Builder: Customers can pick items from your collections to create customized bundles.
  • Bundles Page: Showcase all of your bundles on a single landing page.
  • Advanced Features: Multilingual and multicurrency support, bundle detection, and discount combinations.


Fast Bundle | Product Bundles is available for a free plan, as well as three premium plans, Basic, Pro, and Premium. The free plan covers most of the features and is suitable for store owners who are just starting out and need to test the app. The Basic plan starts at $14.99/month, the Pro plan is $44.99/month and the Premium plan is $119.99/month.