Stay globally tax compliant with Exemptify for Shopify. Handle EU taxes and regulations effortlessly while reaching international customers.

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Display relevant prices and validate EU VAT IDs


Exemptify for Shopify is a powerful app that runs in the background of your store to help you take global tax legislation into account when selling your products. With support for EU taxes and regulation, Exemptify helps ensure you are compliant with local regulations as you reach customers from all over the world.Allowing you to properly show prices that include customer tax rates and validate VAT numbers in real-time, Exemptify makes it easy to run an international store. And with a low monthly fee per store, you don't need to worry about update costs or expensive custom solutions.


  • Validate EU VAT IDs in Real-Time: Exemptify grants you the ability to validate EU VAT numbers on the fly, removing the need for manual verification. This makes sure customers in the EU receive tax-exempt status, if applicable.
  • Automaic VAT Deduction: When customers have tax-exempt status, Exemptify automatically deducts the necessary tax, ensuring sales are being completed with the correct details.
  • Support for EU Distance Sales Regulation: The app respects new distance sales regulation, following the rules exactly as laid out. This ensures you're always following the correct procedures.
  • Show Prices According to Location: Customers view prices that are correctly adjusted according to their physical location. No longer selling to customers in the EU? Prices are dynamically adjusted.
  • Price Formating and Display Options: Prices can be displayed according to your preference, with a number of formatting options to choose from. This can be based on whether prices are net or gross, as well as adding currency symbols.
  • Flexible Pricing Model: With support for net and gross pricing, Exemptify ensures you're always making a profit. This is possible because the app adjusts prices in the background, based on customer's location.
  • Universal Support for Legal Requirements:It's essential for online merchants to correctly comply with local requirements, which is why Exemptify supports a range of taxes and regulations from multiple countries
  • Comprehensive Reports:Exemptify keeps you up-to-date with an extensive reporting suite, granting you quick access to exportable reports and needed data.
  • Reliable Customer Support:Exemptify has a highly experienced customer support team, dedicated to helping customers with any issue. They can be contacted for support and advice 24x7.
  • Seamless Shopify Integration:With one click, Exemptify integrates quickly and easily with Shopify, allowing you to manage international taxes while keeping your workflow and store process unchanged.


Exemptify is available on a simple monthly billing cycle, costing just $4.99 per store per month. There is also a 5-day free trial so you can test the app before committing to the monthly subscription.