Enhance e-commerce shipping with EasyPost. Access discounted rates, automated operations, and live checkout rates for increased profitability.

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EasyPost Labels & Cart Rates

EasyPost Labels & Cart Rates

Dynamic Cart Checkout Rates, Labels, Manifests, 100+ carriers


EasyPost Labels & Cart Rates is an app designed to help e-commerce businesses better understand and utilize shipping processes in order to increase their overall profitability. The app’s main functions involve providing discounted, international, and regional carriers to shop owners, along with the ability for shopper to view live shipping rates at the cart checkout page. Additionally, it provides automated shipping operations, bulk label generation from multiple carriers, and a branded tracking link.


  • Dynamic Cart Rates: It offers dynamic rates based on both dimensional weights and actual weight, helping shop owners make sure their customers are getting the best prices possible.
  • 100+ Shipping Carrier Support: The app supports over 100 shipping carriers, making sure shop owners have all the necessary resources to ensure their customers receive accurate shipping rates and reliable service.
  • Labels, Manifests and ScanForm in Bulk: EasyPost Labels & Cart Rates makes it easy to generate labels and all the necessary paperwork in one click, allowing shop owners to save time and focus on the other aspects of managing their business.
  • Priority Technical Support: The app provides quick and easy access to their technical support. All shop owners need to do is install the app and ping them in order to get started.
  • Branded Tracking Link: The app offers branded tracking link for shop owners to display on their website to enhance their store’s overall branding and professionalism.
  • Discounted, International & Regional Carriers: Shop owners can now get access to discounted, international & regional carriers, giving them access to more shipping options and enabling them to save money on their shipping needs.
  • Multi-box Support: The app also allows them to easily look up multi-box pricing and delivery times, making it easier for them to ensure that their customers are getting the best deal.
  • Two-way Sync between Shopify and ShipBlink: EasyPost Labels & Cart Rates allows the shop owners to sync their orders, products & tracking info between their Shopify store and the app.
  • Instant Live Shipping Rates at Cart Checkout Page: The app allows shoppers to see up-to-date shipping rates in real-time, so they know exactly what they are paying for before they checkout.
  • Bulk Label Generation from Multiple Carriers in 1-click: Shop owners can easily generate labels from multiple carriers in just one click, allowing them to save time and energy when it comes to shipping their products.


The app is free to use.