Simplify shipping with DPD Shipping + Return Labels App. Create labels, automate shipping, and integrate with fulfillment services.

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DPD Shipping + Return Labels

DPD Shipping + Return Labels

Automation, Bulk, Fulfillment, Returns, Invoices, Packing Slip


The DPD Shipping + Return Labels App is a comprehensive, all-in-one app that helps business owners take the hassle out of packaging and shipping their products with DPD. This app simplifies the process, making it easy and quick for business owners to create shipping labels and offers tracking information for shipments as well. Moreover, the DPD Shipping + Return Labels App comes with some great features such as the ability to create DPD accounts through the app and to automate the entire shipping process. This app can also be integrated with other fulfillment services, making it even more efficient and convenient.


  • Automated Fulfillment: The app makes it easy to create shipping labels without any manual input and to track status changes of orders.
  • Intuitive Interface: The interface of the app is designed to be intuitive, ensuring swift and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Rules-based Selection: A set of rules that helps in the selection of the appropriate DPD product based on the items ordered.
  • Automate the Creation of Shipping Labels-on Demand: The ability to automate the creation of shipping labels upon the creation of orders.
  • Set of DPD Products: The app offers all the popular DPD products for efficient and reliable logistics.
  • Delivery Notes and Invoices: Easy creation and transmission of delivery notes and invoices for shipping labels.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: The app offers comprehensive tracking of shipments down to item level.
  • Pick List Support: Secure and effective pick list support for order packing and management.
  • Real-time Order Updates: Keep customers updated with real-time order updates about their shipments.
  • Returns Management: Minimize returns costs and fees by offering an efficient returns management system.


The DPD Shipping + Return Labels App is available for free, so businesses can get started without any upfront investment. However, additional charges may apply depending on the features and services being used. The app also offers a premium subscription, which costs $19 per month and provides additional benefits and features.