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Edit Order by Cleverific

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Edit Order by Cleverific

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Edit Order by Cleverific is an all-in-one order solutions tool developed to provide a 5-star customer experience with complete order editing, self-service order changes, and automation. This tool is designed to help Shopify stores deliver the best customer experience and streamline order management. With Edit Order by Cleverific, users can make the full range of order changes their customers need, and use customer self-service with advanced order edits for quick time-saving order management. Additionally, this platform expands bundle & subscription SKUs into individual components for fast fulfillment, and allows users to automate their Gift with Purchase strategy based on custom logic to boost loyalty. Finally, users can increase sales with payment requests, abandoned cart recoveries, and more. Edit Order by Cleverific offers a 14-day free trial and has four different pricing tiers starting from $29/month.


  • Advanced Order Editing: Edit Order by Cleverific offers a simple way to make the full range of order changes that customers need. This allows users to update, add, or remove items, customize tax and shipping settings, mark orders as fulfilled and more.
  • Self-Service Order Changes: With this platform, users can let their customers make quick order changes on their own time 24/7. Through automated emails and dynamic forms, customers can update their order quickly, making customer service much more efficient.
  • Expand Bundle & Subscription SKUs: This feature gives users the ability to expand bundle & subscription SKUs into individual components for easy and fast fulfillment. This cuts down on time and saves costs in labor and materials.
  • Automate Gift with Purchase Strategy: Edit Order by Cleverific allows users to automate their Gift with Purchase strategy based on custom logic to boost customer loyalty. This incentivizes customers to make more purchases, increasing sales and building customer relationships.
  • Payment Requests and Abandoned Cart Recoveries: This platform gives users the ability to request payments or send abandoned cart recoveries automatically at predetermined times. This helps to boost customer engagement and increase sales.
  • Full Order View: With the full order view, users can quickly access order information, and make changes quickly and easily. This helps streamline order management and save time.
  • Bulk Editing Tools: The bulk editing tools let users make edits en masse, instead of one by one. This helps to streamline processes and save time.
  • Support for Multiple Shopify Stores: Edit Order by Cleverific supports multiple Shopify stores and multiple currencies. This enables users to manage orders for multiple stores from one central platform and helps save time.
  • Automated Emails: This platform also supports automated emails, letting users personalize and customize emails to send to customers automatically. This helps to ensure customer satisfaction and increase customer engagement.
  • Integration with Omnichannel Platforms: Finally, Edit Order by Cleverific integrates with Omnichannel platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, to manage orders created on those platforms. This simplifies and streamlines the order management process, saving time and resources.


Edit Order by Cleverific offers four pricing tiers, all of which come with a 14-day free trial. The STANDARD tier is $29/month, and the GROWTH tier is $49/month. The PROFESSIONAL tier is $99/month, and the PREMIUM PLUS tier is $249/month. Each tier includes access to the full range of features and support for all shops and currencies.