Create product bundles, sets, and tiered pricing on Shopify with Increase sales and keep inventory synchronized easily. No coding required. Start with a 15-day free trial. Pricing plans from $14/month.

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Automatically sync inventory for product bundles and kits!

(229) ‑ Inventory Sync is an app that enables merchants to create product bundles, sets, and tiered pricing in Shopify stores to increase sales and keep their inventory synchronized. This app is easy to set up and use, requires no coding skills, and is designed specifically to boost store sales by making bundle and set products more accessible to customers. Its features include the ability to easily create bundle, multipack, and tiered pricing products, enable customers to make their own bundles with variants they like, and automatically but very quickly sync inventory levels so merchants can sell with confidence. ‑ Inventory Sync starts with a 15-day free trial, and pricing plans start from $14/month.


  • Bundle, Tiered Pricing And Multipacks: Allows merchants to design and create bundle products from individual items or multipack items that can be sold together at an advantageous price. Tiered pricing is also available, allowing merchants to create unique pricing plans for each item.
  • Make Your Own Bundles: Merchants can empower customers to create their own bundles from options such as size or color. This feature helps to customize bundles for customers, offering them more personally relevant selections.
  • Automatically and Quickly Syncs Inventory: Inventory levels can be synced very quickly, giving merchants peace of mind that they are always selling with accurate inventory levels. This helps reduce cost loss and inefficiencies, as well as enabling businesses to better meet demand.
  • No Need for Discount Codes: No discount codes are used, allowing merchants to keep the checkout process simple and seamless for customers.
  • Easy to Set Up and Use: The app does not require any coding or changes to the template, making it simple to install and use.
  • Maximum Flexibility: The app provides maximum flexibility to bundle items in any way that the merchant desires.
  • Curated Sets: Merchants are able to offer their customers curated sets, which enable them to quickly purchase the items that make up the set.
  • Simple Installment Option: The app provides a simple installment option, allowing merchants to quickly get started in creating bundle products.
  • Detailed Reports: The app provides detailed reports to enable merchants to track their product bundle performance.

Pricing ‑ Inventory Sync is available for a 15-day free trial starting from $14/month. The plan named Shopify shops starts from $14/month. Then there is Shopify Plus 30K at $29/month (For stores upto 30K orders per month). Shopify Plus 100K from $99/month (For stores upto 100K orders per month), and Shopify Plus >100K from $199/month (For stores upto >100K orders per month). All plans provide access to key functions and features like easy setup and use, the ability to create bundle products, automatic inventory sync, detailed reports, and more.