Bold Custom Pricing - Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing - Wholesale

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Wholesale Pricing, Member & VIP w/ Quantity Breaks! NEW

Bold Custom Pricing - Wholesale

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Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is a Shopify app designed to help any merchant deliver customer-specific pricing and discounts to specific customer groups. It's an ideal choice for merchants wanting to offer bulk discounts and tiered pricing to wholesale customers and other VIPs.


  • Custom Pricing Levels: Offer multiple wholesale pricing and tiered pricing levels for multiple products.
  • Automatically Change Prices: Applies changes based on customer spending, frequency, or manual tagging.
  • Set Pricing Across Site: Enables merchants to apply $ or % pricing across the entire site, collection, or upload CSV to manage different levels of customer pricing.
  • Detailed Pricing Options: Allows merchants to set custom prices for any product or variant.


It is priced at $39.99/month, 14-day free trial is available. Additional charges will be applicable for some features


<ul id=""><li id="">Easy-to-use and navigate interface.</li><li id="">Automatically applies discounts, making ordering and tracking easier.</li><li id="">Offers comprehensive customer data and analytics. </li></ul>


<ul id=""><li id="">Cannot configure the app from a mobile device.</li></ul>