Boost sales and referrals with BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing. Set up programs, manage affiliates, and track performance effortlessly.

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BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing

BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Program, Referral, Influencer


BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing is an all-in-one app designed to give Shopify users the tools to generate more sales and increase their referrals and social engagement. With BixGrow, merchants can easily set up programs, and manage their affiliates with diverse commission structures and trustworthy tracking methods that create unique links and coupons automatically. BixGrow also offers excellent features like a clear and simple interface, multi-level marketing structure, performance bonus, and easy integration with PayPal for hassle-free commission payouts.


  • Clear & Simple Interface: BixGrow has a clear and simple interface that is easy to navigate and customize to best promote your affiliates’ programs.
  • Commission Tiers: BixGrow offers the most efficient affiliate reward system to help merchants skyrocket their sales.
  • Performance Bonus: Reward affiliates for boosting referrals and earning rewards with the performance bonus feature.
  • Multi-Level Marketing Structure: BixGrow has an easy, self-expanding affiliate network feature that makes it easy to set up and manage multiple levels of promotion.
  • Partner Portal: Easily manage all your partners’ details in one secure, centralized location.
  • Tracking & Reporting Tools: Get detailed insights into your partners’ performance with intuitive tracking and reporting tools.
  • Refer-a-Friend Rewards: Encourages customers to spread the word about your products with easy refer-a-Friend rewards.
  • Advanced Add-ONS: Unlock features like cross-site tracking, geo-targeting, and custom offers with advanced add-ons.
  • Easy PayPal Integration: Pay your affiliates with ease with the one-click PayPal integration.
  • Zero Technical Knowledge Required: Despite its power, no technical knowledge is required to get the most out of BixGrow.


BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing starts with a 14 day free trial and then the scale plan is available at $9.99 and the pro plan comes at $19.99/Month. The pro plan allows paypal integration and will soon be allowing custom domains.