Simplify wholesale customer management with B2B/Wholesale Solution. Create quantity rules, automate VAT compliance, and more with ease.

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B2B Wholesale Pricing

B2B Wholesale Pricing

All-in-one B2B Wholesale Solution: Custom Pricing, VAT, Form.


B2B/Wholesale Solution is an all-in-one wholesale solution designed to provide Shopify merchants with an easy and efficient way to manage and get more data from their wholesale customers. This app enables shop owners to create quantity/amount break rules with various types of discounts and automate VAT-exempt and tax display rules to comply with regulations. Additionally, B2B/Wholesale Solution app allows for wholesale customers’ registration forms, auto-tagging of customers/orders, order limits, quantity increments, manual orders, free plans, a 14-day free trial, and a discount code.


  • Wholesale Pricing: Custom pricing, Amount/quantity breaks, Extra fee
  • Wholesale Customers: Wholesaler registration form, Auto tag customers/orders
  • Wholesale Features: Order limit, Quantity increment, Manual order, Shipping rate
  • Tax Control: Automate VAT exempt and tax display rules to comply with regulation
  • Discount Code
  • Buy one get one
  • Add fields to order
  • Public API


The app is free to install however the pricing for the app is not available on Shopify’s website. However, the app does provide a 14-day free trial for customers to test and explore the features of B2B/Wholesale Solution.


  • The B2B/Wholesale Solution app is easy to install and use.
  • It enables shop owners to set different pricing and discounts depending on specific customer requirements
  • The app offers automated tax control and tax display rules to comply with regulations
  • Customers have access to a wide range of features like order limits, quantity increments, and manual orders.
  • The app provides a 14-day free trial


  • The app is only available to Shopify merchants.
  • The app does not provide any reporting features.